Features of the preparation of edible plants, mushrooms, algae and their parts for consumption during survival in an emergency and extreme situation.

It is enough to wash many edible plants before use in running clean water, and if there is none, then in boiled or even boiling water. But it is still desirable to boil all parts of edible plants, bake or fry. Different parts of edible plants are cooked differently.. 

Features of the preparation of edible plants, mushrooms, algae and their parts for consumption during survival in an emergency and extreme situation.

Preparation of roots, tubers and bulbs of edible plants.

Remove excess parts, wash and, if necessary, peel. It is better to stew and bake, but you can boil. Some tubers, such as cassava (grows in South and Central America), are poisonous in raw form, and boiled to taste resemble potatoes.

Edible plant rhizome cooking.

Rhizomes of many perennial plants are edible. They are eaten raw, boiled, baked and fried. They make flour, boil porridge, and use it as a substitute for coffee. These are cattail, reeds, claytonia, water lily (water lily), common locust, arrowhead, burdock, gander and many others.

Cooking nuts.

The plant world of the planet is rich in nuts. What kind of nuts you will not meet: real and false, hard and soft, tasty and bitter, very large and very small. Experts estimate that in nature there are more than 50 kinds of nuts. Most of them can be consumed raw, but more often they are tastier than slightly fried over low heat.. To do this, you can use a flat stone, under which a bonfire is made (as for cooking scrambled eggs). Large nuts and acorns should be crushed before frying. Chestnuts are eaten raw, boiled and fried.

Beech nuts must be fried, as they contain the toxic substance alkaloid phagin, which can cause severe poisoning. From fried acorns you get wonderful acorn coffee. Water chestnut (chilli, water chestnut, flyer, bloody nut) is consumed raw and boiled, but it is better to boil it in salted water or bake in campfire ash.

Cooking fruit.

Almost everyone eats raw. If there is a hard peel, it is removed, and if the flesh is hard, it is better to cook them or bake. All fruits are washed and preferably wiped before consumption. It is undesirable to eat only the seeds of most fruits because of the high content of toxic substances in them.

Cooking Berries.

They eat raw, from which they make jam, jelly, stewed fruit, they insist, brew like tea. All unfamiliar berries are edible if they resemble strawberries or raspberries in color and shape, no matter where in the world they grow. However, black berries are not always edible..

Cooking tree bark.

A subcortical green or white layer (under the outer dark) is used for food in birch, alder, willow, poplar, oak and many other trees. In the spring, the inner layer of the bark of many conifers, and especially pines, is especially nutritious. The bark of trees is harmless, but has a slight laxative effect. Before use, crust must be crushed, washed in several waters, after the first boiling, drain the water and then boil like porridge.

Cooking mushrooms.

Mushrooms are plant-based protein foods. But the opinions of experts are directly opposed to the use of mushrooms in extreme circumstances. Mushrooms, of course, have a high nutritional value, especially since in relation to the total number of species, poisonous plants occupy only 2-3% and, moreover, are found where there are no other types of plant foods. But on the other hand, even that small percentage of the possibility of poisoning by poisonous mushrooms becomes a serious obstacle to the use of mushrooms in an emergency if the person who gets into it is poorly or completely unaware of mushrooms.

Poisoning, even if it is not fatal under ordinary conditions, can become fatal in conditions of absolute autonomy. In addition, poisoning by an unknown fungus may not occur immediately, but after 10-40 hours, when it will be too late to take any independent measures to save a life. If it is necessary to include mushrooms in the daily diet, it is advisable to study the appearance of poisonous and conditionally poisonous mushrooms. It is imperative to make it a rule to drain the first water after boiling, boiling the mushrooms before doing this for 5-10 minutes. After this, the mushrooms can continue to cook, stew or fry. The so-called russula may turn out to be false and therefore it is not necessary to tempt fate, taking their name on faith, and it is raw.

Algae cooking.

This is a fairly affordable type of seafood and a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Available because on the seashore they can be collected between high and low tides, as algae grow most intensively in shallow water. It is only necessary to collect plants for food purposes that are floating or attached to stones.

Most algae in the air quickly deteriorate, therefore it is not recommended to eat ashore and especially for a long time for food because of the possibility of poisoning. Before use, algae are thoroughly washed in water until sand and small crustaceans are completely washed out of them. Green, brown and red algae are an excellent source of nutrition with a high content of vitamin C. They can be consumed raw and boiled, but can also be dried by hanging in a dry, well-blown place.

Based on materials from the book Encyclopedia of Survival.
Chernysh I. V.

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