Features of the soil

Can it be swept, it is no secret. it. Well, at least they themselves say so.

Unfortunately, less severely comrades can’t, unfortunately, they can’t always be taken. It can be a problem. Therefore, we will tell you what.

Stony ground

When hiking in the mountains. They are the ones who drive the pegs in there. There is no need for a rummaging session. So that drive in pegs is not an option. Therefore, it was experienced tourists. And during camping tents This was obtained by improvised fastenings. It is additionally pressed down with another stone.

It doesn’t help. In this case, we’re trying to remove the large cobblestones, and especially the large pits are filled with surrounding stones. In addition, it is desirable to choose the surface. Get a perfectly smooth surface of course.


Sticking pegs into the sand You can, of course, bury them up to 40 centimeters, but it still may not help. Therefore, knowledgeable people recommend the following options:

  • Large stones. Everything is the same setting up a tent on stony ground. Horseradish stones on a sandy beach.
  • Improved pegs. This is a special peg, which is a special peg.
  • “Sand Anchors”. Plastic packages with sand, small packages. Due to their weight and shape, they securely hold the tent in place. Even the storm can withstand.

In addition, it is recommended to additionally powder the windproof skirt with sand. You can’t have trouble. The line of maximum water rise.


It can be appreciated. And here, too, there setting up a tent. You need to be tracked. Otherwise, the snow cracks will be uncomfortable. After that, everything is as usual – laid out, sticking pegs. If it’s snowing, then it’s possible to dig in the wind.

I’m thinking of recalling the rules. So:

  • You can pour
  • Place the tent on a slightly inclined, level surface. Heading towards the entrance.
  • Do not put a tent on the trails and aisles, stumble over it.
  • The distance from the fire should not be less than 3 meters. After all, you don’t want to check.

Of course, all experienced survivors and tourists, but they say they are the mother of learning. Yes, and we read not only the venerable survival gurus.

Bivouac equipment

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