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It is difficult to understand it. You can simply type your creative nickname in the Yandex search bar. Those who do not need to explain.

Unfortunately, I have not been trained for. Moreover, I understand the words “review” and “review” here. For me, a book on YouTube. It is not a matter of minutes. This is how I will speak.

It was written.

The book “Shoot”

The book was written from 2013 to 2015, the preface:

“Shoot” – “Wind”. This is a book on a rainy day. Citizens who will be in the book. This is a guide to the Russian defeatists. Book instructors. Fire fighting law enforcement agencies. “

Well, what to say … But basically interesting. Although the oddities are beginning to get out already here. For example, their armies? If we are talking about “potential adversary”? And which army? However, well, after all, there are also military personnel on the list. Perhaps they will be something useful.

But the application is very interesting. Still, on the near firefight. Therefore, it was. I will say that the price is 1200 rubles.

And what happens? The book is 340 pages. Dedicated to all the above issues. And there is not a single word about melee combat. That is, a third of the book is dedicated to … what?

Before 7 pages “A mess, zhydy and invaders” followed by extensive reflections. (c) Shura Karetny. The State Duma. The story that 98% of women in the West are homosexual. About the Dulles Plan. It is a non-canonical AK.

On 9 page This will be the case:

How to express your life. It was better to declare in the introduction! It can complicate this process. If you’re a little bit of a shot, you’ll be able to make it your own way. , change shops and buy this a book (page 9). “

What is what happens in melee? Do not need to run, do not need to run stores?

Moreover, if you think that you are wrong, then you will be mistaken. The “caution” section ends here. Optical Illusion.

Page 10 It’s not a sign of skill. Although it is not indicated at all.

Finally, on 11 page we see “Introduction“. And there is a transition between 11 and 12 pages there are such words:

“If you’re looking out for it, it’s not a problem. sections of terrain. Please do not seek or demand anything else from it. It is about the application and specifics of short distances. “

Well, we will not wait for anything else. And we will wait for you.

But on 14 page We find out what you need to do. On 15 page We are told about the DNI and the LC. And so on to 17 pages. And on 18 page the section “Law and morality“, The main idea of ​​which is expressed at the beginning:

“The main thing: you can’t shoot at people. They can not be fired. They can’t be cut with a hand-to-hand combat. For this will be sent to prison for life. “

That is, that’s all. It is a lawsuit. All you need to know, he put in three lines (in the book).

On 19 page the section “Choice” begins. Obviously, we are talking about the choice of weapons. But … Until 26 pages There are extensive reflections on the Maidan, on the pidaras, on the pests. And that to the appearance AK-12 involved in these categories of citizens. Hey for a good reason, with his good old AK. Apparently, Although it’s not the AK, it’s a non-Orthodox man.

And finally on 27 page begins. and everything would be fine if … On 28 page THE HEADS OF THE NEAR BATTLE, THE GABITIS ISED !!!

Further fun too. On 34 page photo with an RPG … Normal self-defense for civilians. Moreover, we can talk … 100 meters. Moreover, it’s less than 100 meters it says only:

“I’m losing on the bottom of my chest, I’m about 50 cm long.

We are talking about 100 meters. No shit yourself self defense it turns out! At 100-200-300-400 meters … Ohren. This is the case with the AK-103 with additional sights (page 46). With this up to 49 pages nothing even closely resembling close fire fight, not in principle.

This is a question. However, it is not possible to do this, simply because of the length of the 47 pages. And there was no information. At all. Totally.

Then came the second part, and with 48 pages chapter beganMethod and Methodology“. And then it began …

It’s not a matter of what’s going on. But! For some reason, it was about sniping and benchrest (remember, a book about melee combat). And before 102 pages nothing at all about close combat it was not said. Not at all. This is a very good place to stay.

But on 108 page It seems that it should not be started …

Head “Melee”

I’ve broken off in full. Because on 116 page chapter is over …

If you’re a little bit harsh, you’ve been reading the rules. Not about tactics, not about weapon storage within reach for self defense, nor about the dangers rifle in modern country houses, norm. To stop efficiency! Stop! About this next chapter. Although at the end of the chapter “Close fight“The following is written:

“I’ll be on my way to the book. It is simpler to find out, ”(Page 116).

But after these words, the chapter “Equipment” follows.

Alas … we’ve been able to make it into all the collimators, magnifiers, holosites to “turn them around at the right time”. It is possible to use night sights and PBS. It is not clear. But for example, there was no talk of lanterns.

WITH 133 by 179 pages – Five steps of enlightenment … No, I’m not kidding. The person doesn’t really plan for children. It is a flask of Soviet warrior warfare before the war … controlling the Soviet

WITH 180 by 209 page there is a chapterFire efficiency“In order to ensure the maximum fire efficiency, They will tell you about the legalization of drugs in Europe. It is interesting to read. , at the level of “popizdet”). But it’s not a talk. Or did I miss something in our arms legislation? And we became machine guns in civilian hands?

Particularly beautiful phrases like “in the melee against two targets.” Because, they say, a meeting with two opponents in life is death. Of course, death, if it does not train. Or, for example, it’s like: “It’s determined and it’s determined.” (Page 180)

Fine? That is what would lead effective fire, need to be ideologically holistic and savvy? Oh well, okay. How do you say …

Well, thinking about psychology during the battle. Moreover, “If you do not care for me,” she said. The “mantras” is not a fighter. He will never come out of the shelter.

So understanding by the author combat psychology about the same as melee.

This is your automaton. You have a chance to win. “It’s not even a victory here.”

No, there is, of course, sound thoughts on the topic of excellence automatic fire over fluent single. But you will excuse me, we were willing

But it is carried out on 210 page extensive reflections, moving to a recumbent position. Everything is great, but somehow it is strange.

And besides, after the previous 200 pages, questions arise: Why is there a quadreil on the machine? Why use a “Whirlwind”? This is all evil. Why a holster on the thigh? Why pants in A-Tacs? This, of course, quibbles on the ideological-political part, but then either remove the cross, or wear panties …

In addition, it is not very clear – why these photos? 2-3 photos is impossible. It is also impossible to understand.

And most importantly – where is it close combat? If you want it, it is 20 meters from the shooter, well … Just on 209 page Were told that “every shot is a good shot.”
And on 208 page There was a distance in depth … At a distance of 600 meters …

It is not clear …

Well, then, too, is not getting any better. For example, on 217 page photo exercise “sudden encounter with an adversary“. In the photo there are two targets … Stop! But after all, in the chapter.”Fire efficiencyThe two of one is death. So why are there two targets ?! Forgot to remove? Or is someone keeping back to us? And which part of the book to believe? Moreover, “In my opinion, without comments”. If you are writing a manual. And they should be if you write how to train. But no, comments are superfluous.

And before 219 pages Correlate with the image. I’m not sure, I’m not sure, I’m not sure what I’m trying to do. If you’re doing so, then you can do so.

Chapter “Fire efficiencyHey, Hey, Hey! “No, don’t look. She is not. So what is next …

Then there are two chapters from the whole book.

That is with 221 by 297 pages There is a discussion of aiming mechanics first. Moreover, it is quite competent with the rubber band. Politotypes and demagogy are quite good and appropriate (although, of course, the quality still suffers).

There is not a word about civilians. It is not a word for it. All for the military. Although it seems to be in those things. It’s easy to get something interesting there.

Then go to shooting from awkward positions. There is a lot of photos (some even with comments and explanations). And it’s not clear. If you want to follow up, you can’t get it. But yes, there is one problem. And to consider melee without this aspect – at least strange.

But in general, it is these 76 pages turn out to be the most sane and informative. What was promised.

And under the curtain there is a chapter “PsychologyBasically. Although I’m not so bad, I’m not so bad. Read in poketbooks about “special forces.” Nothing interesting.

Then comes the chapter on gun cleaning. In short, it is expensive to buy liquids and ramrods. But it’s not a word about homosexuals and blacks. Well, ideology at least.

And the last chapter. “Elements”

It can be interesting to read. If you read, then there is nothing interesting. All the same offense on IPSC, on Magpul Dynamics, for everyone who repeats exercises on the Internet. However, it cannot be said that all claims are meaningless. Arrow for many people. Questions about work because of shelters too. But it doesn’t offer anything in return. In principle, nothing. It is not a question. advise the audience, Good Magpul – This is bad. So tell me what is it bad? Or tell me how to? But, alas, instead of racially-politicized nonsense.

I would like to know the rules for clarification ”(page 337). There goes the first point “military psychosomatics“… In terms of logic, fire efficiency We are told that “the effectiveness of fire is an ideological phenomenon.”


In summary, I can say one thing. The author has gone crazy. In the book there is a preface. At 100-200-300 meters, based on the old Soviet school. And fierce pouring by shit. Collimators? Poorly. Plitonoski? Poorly. Anatomical arms, tactical arms, quadrails? Everything is bad. Only open sights, at least 100 meters. And what is good ?! Good – Orthodoxy and machine guns. For machine guns will be blessed for them.

Where in this scheme in general close combat? Where is the promise of civilian weapons? Where is the enemy and its combat training methods? It is not a damn thing.

What is the result? If you’re trying to make it up, you’ll be able to make it up. . Information is absolutely zero.

270 pages of text (out of 340), Moreover, it’s not a problem.

Do I need to read this? Not. Well, if only you are not a stupid asshole, In this case, you need for yourself.

It’s not a manual, it’s a set of recommendations or lessons / exercises. This is an empty place. According to the topic.

Well, yes. The price of 1200 rubles for this “creativity” should be considered in a good way.

Wolf ops

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