Field exit – Mission Pegasus: survival, evasion.

field exit Mission Pegasus: survival, evasion. Tactical situation: As a result of leakage of operational information from the headquarters of the command of special operations forces, the enemy becomes aware of the area of ​​deployment and the actions in its rear of the joint group of the Pegasus Special Operations Command. 

To identify and neutralize it, the enemy took measures to patrol and comb the area where the group was located. According to intelligence, the enemy attracts significant forces from the mechanized brigade deployed in the area, and strengthens it with a separate special forces detachment. The enemy’s use of mobile anti-aircraft missile systems makes it impossible to evacuate Pegasus by air.

After clarifying the operational situation during the last communication session with the Center, the Pegasus commander decides to evacuate the group by land to a neighboring union state, the border of which is about 40 kilometers from the location of the group. To ensure high mobility of the group, it was decided to take with them only the most necessary equipment; hide other property, including weapons and equipment, in a long-term cache.

The task of the Pegasus group.

Conduct a hidden march, cross the guarded border and get to the nearest allied outpost. The route is approximately 40 kilometers long and will pass through the forest controlled by the enemy, in the conditions of the enemy conducting active search activities. The pace of movement of the group when applying camouflage – low, equipment and food – is extremely limited, so the task will take about two days.

An experienced instructor follows the group. During the march, questions will be practically worked out on the construction of shelters and basing, water production, orientation with a map, a compass and without them, camouflage and covert movement, investigation, and much more.

Group member personal equipment kit.

1. Backpack.
2. Rug (Karimat).
3. Sleeping bag.
4. Clothing, shoes and a hat according to season.
5. Flashlight with batteries (preferably with a red filter).
6. KLMN (mug, spoon, bowl, knife).
7. Masking tools.
8. Individual first-aid kit.
9. Daily diet and at least 1 liter of water.
10. Wearable emergency kit:
Shelter Tools.
Water Supply.
Means for providing food.
Means for producing fire.
Alarm Means.
Navigation aids.

ATTENTION! The total weight of the property should not exceed 12 kg!

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