Field feed: About the most important – about water

Whatever you may say, but a cat man is fragile and tender. It can be seen that it’s possible to do it. But without water it ends very quickly. Yes, of course, the temperature varies by the external temperature and loads. That is, if you had to work at a temperature of between 25-30 degrees, and that you’ll be able to work, then you will die. And after 2 days you will be so bad that you wait. Of course, we are talking about the full lack of water, it can be a garbage

The situation is divided into two types:

  • water can be obtained from the environment (around the winter, or there);
  • It is a vital necessity.

In any case, besides the wearable stock, it is necessary to have water disinfectants such as Aquababs, Aquasept, Clorcept, Potable Aqua, Katadyn Micropur Forte or any similar means.

By the way. If you want, you can use regular iodine. 2-3 drops per liter, stand for 2-3 hours and can be consumed. The taste of course will be more than a bit. Oh, and by the way, drinking coffee in such a water is much nicer than tea. But, again, at least some means water disinfection necessary. If you do not have it, then you are angry with Pinocchio.

As for the most water reserve. It is where the health state of health. Differences in discomfort can vary by your body. In liters per day – 3 liters. At least 2 liters. The very minimum is a liter. It may be the consequences. It would be a little bit more than a liter. Therefore, do not be cleared and focus on the volume of water per day. This is the total volume of fluid. Where you want, water problems, then you have to carry it all. It is a simple drink, and on cooking. Therefore, learn to use it economically.

voda-pityoRational use is the key to success. Of course, it’s possible to make it so that it’s not dry. And here lies the problem of sublimates – despite the fact that they themselves are occupying a tangible preparation. amounts of water. For you based on the situation. If a water problems There is no sublimates. If not, then … Either pull more water, or …

Just for a change, remember how much weighs 9-liter water bottle. And 9 liters of water for 4 days, plus AZ. This is a normal stock for three days. It is normal and it is safe. It is clear that you can live it for a longer period. Thank, if there is access to water From external sources, there is a possibility to replenish your reserves.

Do you carry with you filters for water, like Aquamira, Lifestraw or Katadyn, I have not decided yet. I don’t have mine, so I can’t say anything, according to impressions. The water is quite good, clean and tasty. But still I can not say anything intelligible. I will try, I will try, I will tell. It is compact and it works.

In principle, you can, of course, bother and self-made water filters, for example, water, coal and gauze. But it is possible in a situation of survival. But if there is one disinfectant tablets, then this is just an extra hemorrhoids. Although it is not necessary, it can be used.

Well, of course, save. AT sublimates add as you like (or maybe a little less), water from a flask Do not whip, but take in the mouth and “suck” the mucous. And do not spill. Thirsting for water:

  • mints (better than mint citrus, but only good ones);
  • copper plate or bullet underneath the tongue (harmful to extreme teeth).

Now about sublimates. Let’s reduce in one.

Water and sublimate – these are inseparable things. No water to sense from sublimate no, of course, there are concentrated briquettes, so-called food bars, but this pleasure is something else. That is, they can be eaten, but there is no pleasure in it. But the energy value is absolutely transcendental. In the same Mainstay with a weight of 600 grams, contains 9 bars of 400 kcal. But it is possible to eat it. If it is interesting, I will tell you about it some other time.

That is, it will be all the same about habitual sublimates – dehydrated food. It’s not always true, it’s not worth it. No, it is clear that it is a chemistry, it is clear and nutritious.

Doshiraks and soluble cleanes fall into approximately the same category. It is one moment that I’ll be advised. Because it is a very difficult food option. Not only does it sweat in the bowl after pouring, it also leaves a feeling of heaviness after it is consumed in the stomach. But soluble pure I go very well. Therefore, I usually advise you to take mashed potatoes, but they are good.

But there is another category. sublimated products. You need it hot water. In principle, it is still NORMAL products. In this version, I can even eat rice porridge. Basically, sublimates from Leovit, from the point of view, the most normal combined price-quality. Not ideal of course, but you can eat it without disgust.

However, there are also options for the price. It is better to order the salt and pepper with you. It is clear that they are more comfortable, then do it. For if such a situation is for a long time, then you are unnecessary stress (again stress … but i am silent, i am silent …)

Follow, if you have no route water problems, then based on sublimated products You can create a large and varied menu for quite a long time. And, in principle, quite inexpensive.

Well, that seems like everything. In general, the topic is covered. If you have questions, ask – I will try to answer. Maybe another part will work.


About marching field nutrition. Part 3: About the most important &# 8212; about water

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