Field hygiene of the groin, legs and underarms

In the first part of our article, we will talk about how to brush your teeth. The problems of hygiene of the groin, legs and underarms were considered only indirectly. In the second half of the 19th century, there was a great deal of trouble and discomfort.

Foot hygiene

Do you need to go for a long time? Shoes should not be chosen for comfort, raznoshennoy, without folds and irregularities. Best suited sneakers or lightweight berets with a durable sole, high shaft and good lacing. Wet ones at any time. If there is no replaceable pair, it can be worn on you. If you decide to take your feet in the blood. If you want to take care of your hands and feet, do not care.

After your stay, it’s time to start your feet. First you should wash them thoroughly in the near reservoir. In the absence of such – wipe your feet with a damp cloth. This is a solution of potassium permanganate or formalin. From the vegetation, you can use fluff willow-tea or dried sphagnum moss. Moss is a red or yellow color. Moss should be separated from coarse lower parts, squeezed and dried in the sun. The resulting antiseptic that kills the pathogenic microflora. It is possible to reduce the amount of skin. The moss is worth changing.

If you need to take care of it, it’s not a bad idea. Bleeding scrubs are dried overnight without bandaging. It is necessary to prevent the wound from spreading.

Groin and underarm hygiene

It is also a common problem in a hike. This is not the case. The skin sweats, the skin sweats, the skin sweats, and the skin It is a fact that it is not necessary to take care of it. Of course, it is not a matter of practice. To prevent excessive sweating, you can use special (!) Antiperspirants for intimate hygiene, talcum powder or baby powder. If the scuffs still appear, do not hesitate to use it. The area should not be sealed with a wide adhesive plaster.

Note: Some people recommend shaving groin abrasions. If you’re a little bit bored, you’ll get a little bit more hair.

As for hygiene of the armpits, everything is quite simple. Regular doping, shaving and the use of antiperspirant. It is a very good advice to you, Also make sure that the backpack straps do not rub shoulders. For this, it’s not a matter of comfort or a fixed position.

Follow these rules and you will forget from many possible problems!

Field hygiene. Part 2: Hygiene of the legs, legs and underarms

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