Field kitchen: Army bowler as a smokehouse for fish

It is absolutely useless and sometimes harmful. Therefore, experienced shooters, fighters, fishermen and survivors advice are valued much more than the reasoning of “divan theorists”. Fortunately, competent comrades periodically, including with us.

And not so long ago. You can also watch. Next – the author’s text.

In this video I will talk about how to get smoked fish. In my case, it is a char Unlike the salmon, the bait is not prohibited.

It is not deep and it’s not widespread. Looking a bit in advance.

Now about the preparation itself. Needless to say, the fish must be gutted and beheaded. For example, I took the smallest of his catch. This is due smoking. It will just be salted.

In the shrub tundra, there is enough brushwood. One armful is enough for cooking a small fish. I like to be a planting fluffy

The essence of the method is as follows. We will need some smoking container. And here I am bowing, already beloved by many Soviet tourists. Its main advantages are low cost, affordability and, as practice has been shown, phenomenal universality. It is necessary to make a two-tier. The fish itself is in the order. For this, I propose to use a tin can. A rare tourist doesn’t take any canned food. Of course, I ate the beans from the jar, and divided the jar itself in half. For the passage of smoke.

Now you need to prepare smoke material. The best option is alder. It grows from the Far East to the Kaliningrad region. It will give unpleasant bitterness. It has been found that it is not possible to clean it. Now you can lay the fish and set on fire. I have a small fish, but I can put you in small pieces and larger prey.

Cans are very well suited in the tank because of the pot. Thus, it is not necessary to remove the prepared fish. Of course, you can pick up ellipsoidal stones. But then smokehouse It will be difficult to tear off. It is also worth trying to make it out of the box.

Cooking takes less than 20 minutes and the camp dish is ready. The pot itself is then washed by river sand.

The author – Fedor Stepanov

Field kitchen: Army bowler as a smokehouse for fish

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