Field kitchen during a hike

Situation. You are going to go camping with your friends. It has been noted that it has been a great deal. And suddenly, there are absolutely untouched mushroom spots nearby … In full, you go backpackers. And then, suddenly, the question. What’s next do with mushrooms?

Actually, you should be able to get out. If you want to find out about it, then you can use it. And terms. So.

Methods of cooking mushrooms and eating

So, you decided to gobble up everything right on the spot. In this case, it depends much on what you have. By default, it is a pot, a pot, a knife, a spoon and a fire. Minimal, but necessary for a comfortable life, set. An estimated version of the pitch, skins, vinegar and a minimum of of oil.

So, the minimum option – frying mushrooms on the fire

It is a white color. It is rather a good meal. It is a lot of resources for digestion eats. The best option – tubular mushrooms, in which you are absolutely sure. White, orange and brown boletus; They can be cleaned up. Even pre soak is not necessary. If, of course, you can see where the mushrooms are contaminated.

Advanced option – boiling mushrooms, followed by frying

In the third category – cooking in a pot with water. And then either there is so, or additionally, for taste, fry. With chanterelles, for example, this is the way to act. And frying.

If you got caught by the Milk, then alas. Milk mushrooms should not be very salted. There are, of course, possible, but there is no need.

With the extended version, you have the opportunity do with mushrooms more varied procedures: soak, pickle and fry in a skillet. It improves your taste, especially in the presence of spices. If there are no spices, then you can find in the forest. Red berries, wild onions and garlic, But again, you can add one hundred percent sure.

Harvesting mushrooms for storage

Much more often (figuratively), but there are still a lot of them. And what then? do with mushrooms? Formally two options. Salt and dry.

Drying mushrooms in a hike

It is much easier to carry. But much more difficult. There are two options – natural and forced. In the open meadow under the sun. It doesn’t always work. Yes, it is clearly hampered. In addition, only caps are dried out.

In the second, you need to organize the dryer. It looks like this (the method is experimentally verified). A pit is dug Over them – a fire, which should not burn at least two hours. It is important to make sure that you’ve made it. When they cool down a bit, they leave it overnight. Mushrooms can dry out, but they won’t burn. so what do with mushrooms these further … Or they can be crushed into natural mushroom seasoning.

Salting mushrooms in a hike

Then you have to salt them. Take this with you. There are two ways – hot and cold. In the cold mode, the washed mushrooms are bluntly flooded with cold salt water. 2-3-4 days in this form, they now live quietly, but then begin to sour. The hottest way is better and safer. Mushrooms are boiled in water for 30 minutes, after they are drained, they are placed in some large container. Leaves of oak, currant, nettle (the best option) and additionally sprinkled with salt. It will be for two weeks.

Field kitchen during a hike

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