Field test NAZ-AON for aviation crews

FillingNAZ-AON, Prototype 1? such: Module “Basic” + Module “Cold”

Module “Basic”

A. Equipment for temporary shelter

  • Backpack Kiwidition KAREAREA (1)
  • Knife Morakniv Outdoor 2000 Orange (29)
  • Saw Bahco Laplander (not in the picture, was packaged later)
  • Ax Mora of Sweden Outdoor Ax Orange (30)
  • Awning emergency Grabber All Weather Blanket Red (32)
  • Paracord 550 100 ’(34)
  • Safety blanket 2 pcs. (17)
  • Film PE 60 md 3×6 m (33)
  • Silver Tape (31)

B. Equipment for distress alerts

  • Red light flare 1 pc. (7)
  • Mirror signaling (15)
  • Awning emergency Grabber All Weather Blanket Red (32)
  • Satellite phone Globalstar Qualcomm GSP 1700 (35)

B. Equipment for life support

  • Flask 1 liter (26)
  • Mug metal (27)
  • Hunting Matches (22)
  • Flint, active kindling (21)
  • Stearic candle (23)
  • Water Filter (3)
  • Flashlight with spare batteries (4)
  • Replacement Batteries (5)
  • HIS (6)
  • Compass (16)
  • Emergency power supply MARIN-PRO (28)

G. Funds for first aid

  • IPP (25)
  • Hemostatic bandage Celox (18)
  • Celox Hemostatic Granules (18)
  • Burn gel (19)
  • Stretch tire (2)
  • Elastic Bandage (12)
  • Medical gloves (20)
  • Bandage (11)
  • Plaster on roll (14)
  • Tablets for water disinfection (13)
  • Marker (24)

Cold Module

  • Keeptex heating vest 2 pcs. (eight)
  • Heater chemical “Stork” 10 hours 2 pcs. (9)
  • Heater chemical “insoles” 2 pcs. (ten)

Emergency power

  • Emergency diet “MARIN PRO” 2 packs of 3 briquettes

Wearable emergency reserve and emergency power Kiwidition KAREAREA, volume 19.5 liters, red. The total weight of the backpack was 6.5 kg. Overall dimensions 270x300x460 taking in pocket.

Field tests of general aviation crews

Training scenario

Light aircraft crashed and made an emergency landing in non-populated woodland. It can be burned down. It has been possible to complete the process.

Crew task using wearable emergency reserve, In case of a helicopter landing

  • training duration: 48 hours. Start at 15-00 Moscow time.
  • Venue: Northeast of the Moscow Region, Sergiev Posad District.
  • Dates: January 27 – 29, 2017.
  • meteorological conditions: favorable, weak wind, air temperature from -6 to -10, height of snow cover from 40 cm to 70 cm.

The beginning of the test NAZ

On January 27, at 15-00, we disembarked from the car. Surprisingly, it was not so difficult. It was a time when it came to emergency shelter. The forest is comfortable, coniferous. Firewood available. There is the strength of the skin.

Since we don’t have a real aircraft, it’s getting a little tougher. Building the shelter, the chassis and the chassis tires. A lot of things can be made from a broken plane.

For now we use what is in backpack naz.

About the backpack. Backpack KAREAREA from company Kiwidition. Good backpack, correct. Right here is why:

  1. it is not the right color, but it is in the situation of “the bag leaves the station leaves”, it will automatically, on the instinct;
  2. it is of the desired shape – flat and rectangular;
  3. where is the side for the flask, where is the flask and the metal cup fit;
  4. this backpack has a backpack;
  5. during the transitions, I’m not complaining about webbing or other inconveniences;
  6. Knowing the seams, I’m not sure if you can emergency.

If you’re in the future, you’ll be able to work on it.

The film is good. It makes it possible to observe the monitor. Part of the heat is reflected from emergency tent.

Very comfortable. You need to make a litter even thicker. As it turned out, it is. But, by passing this, while it is cool, it will be cool. Then it becomes comfortable.

A heating vest from KEEPTEX was used as an element of warming. In laying NAZ such vests 2 pcs. They are included in the module “Cold.” According to the manufacturer, it is more than 8 hours. The first vest worked the allotted time completely. The second is not completely. But how emergency heat source for the upper body, the heating vest has no competitors.

The combination of the following factors, such as a well-built shelter, a small firewood, a polyester as a curtain, It was about 3 hours. The total sleep duration is about 6 hours.

Now about the food

At the beginning of the training we had: 4 sandwiches, a thermos with coffee, emergency power MARIN-PRO based on 2 days. Yura had a bag of nuts and a pack of gum in his pocket.

I do not want to eat the first day. We heat the snow, make an infusion of the branches, drink hot water. Sandwiches and coffee in the evening of the first day.
Two packs of chewing gum must be included in the composition of the NAZ. Very good dulls the feeling of hunger.

About emergency power supply MARIN-PRO

I strongly recommend not using it in NAZ-AON! This emergency power It makes it possible to There are only 800 Kcal. Not tasty, does not compensate for the loss of energy. We honestly nibbled it for 48 hours. At the same time, our energy costs exceeded 3000 Kcal. Try the swing in the snow at -10C.

therefore emergency power for NAZ, AAR should be different. Most likely, as the most advanced in this area.

Basic requirements for emergency power NAZ-AON, it is compact and caloric. Basic calculation: 1 person – 2 days.
Mandatory inclusion in the composition emergency power supply sublimated drinks, such as tea, coffee, vitamin drinks. Drinking snow water, even infused on spruce twigs, bored quickly.

Axes, saws, knives

The MORA ax, so called to be “specialists”, proved to be excellent. For all factors: weight, geometry, tasks performed. It is a perfect fit to fit the axle and BAHCO laplander. The ax was exploited. But he emerged victorious. It doesn’t affect the operation.

Saw BAHCO Laplander showed as always. I do not accept any options like “saw-string”, “designed for special forces” and other nonsense. This will help you keep up with your scout toys.

The MORA knife is the Mora knife. Everything is in place, all right.

It was bright red. Do not lose. Got a bit of red color. But I will fix this moment.

Emergency awnings

Grabber was used for the construction of the landing site. Awning is the most convenient point for the landing point.

, Alloy, in the amount of 2 pieces. It’s a low level of mechanical strength. When dismantling the first shelter, we carefully folded them. At the moment I have other available emergency blankets one of the most well-known online stores. They do not tear.

A covering film of 3×6 meters made of 60 μm thick polyethylene, bought in a Leroy Merlin shop, showed itself very well. If you are a woman, she will not be able to make it. It is possible to reduce the size of the sparks.


Picking Naz. I can use a less expensive counterpart. Paracord was used for the tooling. In addition, you can make snowshoes, snares and more.

Silver sticky tape

The tape was bought in Leroy Merlin; emergency blankets. In the cold keeps bad. You need to pick up your tape.

Emergency matches

Bought in Alloy. Emergency matches 5 cm long are not meaningful work, it doesn’t work. In styling Naz must be matches longer than 5 cm.

Chemical heating pads

The stork chemical heaters were purchased for a period of 11 hours and were fully justified. Hot water bottle is good, but evil. He used to be on his fleece jacket. It received a thermal burns))))

Number of chemical heaters in the cold installation module Naz – 4 things. Additionally, in the amount of 2 pairs. But since I was in winter, these heaters were not used.

This is a good way to keep you awake. The rest of the time we basked in motion.

Jar and mug

Flask purchased in Alloy. Anesthesia It was not his main function.

Mug brought from America. It is made so that the flask enters it freely. This is a separate pocket of a backpack. In principle, the mugs were enough to heat the water. But the volume is somewhat insufficient. I think you need to think about the backpack. The flask was used for some small things. Naz.

Pharmacy, water filter, HIS, etc. are not used.


Lantern for styling Naz Was purchased in Leroy Merlin. This was done deliberately. There were also purchased spare batteries. I have enough eminent headlamps, but I like it, just “from the supermarket”.

Lantern worked for two nights without comment. True, it was somewhat inconvenient to periodically keep it in my teeth).

Therefore, it is important that it should not be used.


We were not working, even despite the proximity of the megalopolis. Communication is carried out through Iridium and Globalstar satellite phones. Iridium, of course, out of competition. Communication is fast and steady, even in a coniferous forest. It didn’t need to be done. But, nevertheless, the connection was.


The second day began cheerfully. Were Dismantled That was our script. It was hard to walk without snowshoes. In addition, the breakdown was sharply marked. This we both noted.

It was found that it was determined by an overnight stay. The forest is rare, however, mostly birch. With wood very bad.

Found a place, began to equip a shelter. Both moved like boiled flies. Sharp breakdown. If you are not getting enough, you can’t get it. In general, by the dark we had time. I wanted to lie down and lie down.

The night passed in the struggle for life. It was cold, their bellies rumbled. Birch smoldered well, but gave little heat. At three o’clock, we’ve climbed out, plowed together

The duration of the night was no more than one hour. The total duration of sleep is not more than 5 hours.

They waited for the morning, dismantled the shelter and went to the site. But he didn’t take it.
At least 150 meters.

At 15 o’clock we were taken by evacuation.


I consider the experiment successful. The script is 100% complete. Wearable Emergency Stock for general aviation pilots (NAZ-AON) in the configuration “Basic Module” and “Module Cold” tested. Based on the results, it is possible to draw conclusions, adjustments to styling and filling.

And yes, this can be assembled from inexpensive and available components.

In addition to the NAZ, it’s necessary to complete the training. Instructions that are definitely needed.

Ready kits

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