Field Training Seminar – Survival. Evasion. Resistance. The escape. (S.E.R.E.) and Combat Search and Rescue (C.S.A.R.).

and water disinfection.
Alarm and communication methods.
Fire production and types of bonfires.
Features of providing food and diet in cold climates.
Orientation and navigation in terms of survival. Planning the area using the SAFE method.
Disguise and move in hostile territory.
Drafting and actions on the plan of evasion “EPA”.
Rules of conduct and actions during captivity and captivity.
Review of articles of the Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War.
The psychological condition of a prisoner of war. Stress tests.

Thematic training plan for the group “C.S.A.R.”

Main goals and objectives of C.S.A.R. . A brief overview of some C.S.A.R. divisions armed forces of foreign.
Organization, armament and tactics of C.S.A.R units.
International Distress and Emergency Radio System.
The tactics of small units are patrolling and searching. Actions to avoid direct contact with the enemy and mislead him.
The investigation. Reading the footprints of a pedestrian and equipment, determining their age.
Tactical medicine. Emergency assistance in the immediate vicinity of the enemy: stop bleeding “B-Con”, localization / immobilization of the injury. Ways to evacuate victims from the danger zone.
Orienteering and military topography. Identification of detection points using the DAR system.
EPA Evasion Plan.
Planning operations to identify and evacuate victims.
Psychological training and stress tests .

The seminar will be held in the field at an existing military training ground in the Kiev region. Theoretical lectures will be held in equipped and heated classrooms. Practical training of knowledge – on the tactical field of the training ground. Delivery to the landfill and back will be centralized. All participants will be provided with hot two meals a day, tea and coffee – without restrictions!

Overnight (except practical tasks) is provided in a heated room on personal Karimats and sleeping bags. Classes for you will be conducted by instructors with the appropriate qualifications from among active and retired military personnel and special forces. All participants are guaranteed to receive a qualification mark for the course and the corresponding certificate.

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