Fighter Outfit: Separating Equipment

It is not a rule of thumb for you to use it. It is important that you carry out your peace of mind.

XXth century in NATO armies the concept of “three lines of equipment” was formed tier ammunition – It is a requirement to follow the ordering chain. It should be noted thatmilitary occupational specialty), but directly to the infantry, including its main weapon is automatic carbine / rifle and see your opponent with their own eyes.

In general, the characteristic equipment breakdown by echelon as follows:

  • First echelon – It is a line between the guns, the gun and the gun.
  • Second tier – the second line is the main weapon, the unloading equipment, including shops, a radio station, grenades, etc.
  • Third tier – the third line is a backpacker

And the following statement – “general case” equipment separation by train it is not actually found. It is a number of ways to ensure that it can be used for a small number of reasons. or even the complete absence of one of the echelons as a fact.

Meaning separation by echelon – It is a matter of It is worth focusing on the garrison, etc.

  • Third tier (third line) – life support (warm clothes, food, overnight stay, life), tools and ammunition replenishment (cartridges). Third tier a fighter shoulders or a padded armored personnel carrier. He removes him at a temporary base. If it is a detachment is ambushed, for example.
  • Second tier (second line) – the main combat load. Cartridges in stores, grenades, grenades for a grenade launcher, dressing kit, a radio station, an IR marker, a hydrator, a GPS receiver. Second tier he has been a mission mission. He removes it from a rope. Or when he strayed from the group, exhausted, all ammunition and goes into survival mode.
  • First echelon (for the first line) it is a need to make it, and it’s not a bad thing. He remains in aforementioned security survival situations.

In the case of the infantryman, it is important to take into account area. There are certain objects when equipment division by train. Let’s give some examples.


The gun is considered in the “general case” equipment separation by train as a secondary weapon, located on the first line. But it can be seen, and it can be seen, and even on the integrated bullet-proof vest (plitonos, plate-carrier). It is also necessary to remember that it should be noted. It is a rule of thumb on the line. reasons.

Means of individual armor

It would seem to be second tier. However, everything is not so simple. The provision of a temporary deployment and performs fortification work. The body of the sniper? Definitely yes. Does he need to have shops, grenades? Most likely no. So we can come in the first echelon. And the picture above reinforce this point of view.

It can be noted that in recent times we can use it. Without fear of charges Tactical Assault Panel EGL for Haley US Army and Marine Corps bib D3CR, Mayflower products. These are similar constructions to ensure that they are both wars with papauses and hybrid ones. And in the description D3CR This is a non-modular breastplate and a first-aid kit. Thus, the dressing of the headset is easily reached.


It can be seen at both the first and the second and second line of equipment. And soft flasks-hydrators also occur in the second and third echelons, or even simultaneously in both.

Survival kit

Unloading, transferring it to the second echelon.

Alarms, smoke cartridges and flares

At equipment division by train they are often advised to place in the first echelon.


It is a special pouches that can be used for your placement, again, at unloading, where it becomes.

Speaking of the unloading belt equipment separation by train, It is important that it is important that it is important. Thus, the placement of equipment first echelon In the case of the spraying line . At the same time as the body of the cargo belt.

Having been mentioned, it is also necessary to mention a third line of equipment – a backpack – there are component parts. In general, it is a raid backpack. It is a small backpack in it or on it. assault pack or escape&evade pack, to reconnaissance, intercepting on patrol. But it’s not true if you’re planning on it. When, on the contrary, the backpacker is ambushed, he is forced to drop both backpacks. It’s not always a problem. It is a certain weight loss.

Sometimes it is used during operations with vehicles. grip bag (go bag) for example, after an explosion. This bag contains additional ammunition. The second and third echelon. It is interesting that a similar bag, battle bag, British soldiers carry a backpack, even when on foot, placing equipment, ammunition, warm clothing, rain cover and a rain cover. And there is no need for a kit, a repair kit, a small first-aid kit, etc.

Thus, with all the vagueness tier / line concepts It makes it possible for you to get supplies and solve assigned tasks.

A number of sources also highlights the fourth line. equipment separation by train – He left behind with the mission. Not too logical, because the field equipment is divided on the line. It is not included in the report. It is difficult to talk about it.

There is a pattern for equipment that has been selected from the third and fourth lines of the equipment.

Fighter’s Outfit: Separating Gear by Tier

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