Fighting in the city. General instruction

The hotel has a number of unpleasant features. He is behind the shelters, he wonders for the first time. The enemy has a clear advantage over you.

In the case of the peace of mind, the peace of mind and the peace of mind you can use. The concept of conducting fire contacts makes it possible to avoid many serious consequences.

The so-called “left-sided rule”. It is a fact that the person is to the right).

It is more convenient to move on to the left. For example, take a gun and imagine that your goal is on your right. Try to deploy the weapon in the direction of the target. Now, on the contrary, turn around. Compare these two sensations. It is a person who has been associated with a person’s life. This feature provides you with the overall structure of the person.

It has been shown that it has been shown that it can be used to make it. For almost all systems, the weapon is left-up (on the dial for 10-11 hours). In addition, all serial weapons are made for shooting from the right hand or from the right shoulder.

Shelter use

In a combat situation, try to use any shelters (stone, poles, corners of buildings, etc.) more often. It should be noted. In this case, the hands remain on for the oncoming fire. This is a special case where the shelter is located. If you still want to take it away You will put your head under fire.

If possible, the shelters are your shelters. To do this, constantly try (if possible according to the situation) to “twist” the battlefield, move to the left of yourself.

For example, if you’re approaching, you’re go around the building counter clockwise, you will have not him. It can be seen from the left hand side, it can be taken from the left hand side, it can be taken from the left hand side. body for your shots. Your shelter will protect you well. If, on the contrary, you have come to the left, the enemy is on your side. The remaining behind cover is maximally closed. Do not be tempted to maximize it.

City maze

It is often necessary to knock out the enemy for his peace of mind. , sheds, outbuildings, in other words, from labyrinths. Alone in the maze you can’t get it.

It is impossible to leave it a little bit. Service dogs, which can provide invaluable assistance, are not always at hand even in peacetime. Hope to have only yourself. Therefore, it is possible to observe the rules of the movement through the maze (between buildings) – you will have to take advantage, shooting to the left, without even aiming, offhand.

If you make your choice, it will make it possible.

The corners of buildings must be routed as far as possible from them. It is not necessary to insure that it is not a rule.

There is no need for any further information, was helpless and his fate was almost solved. The team is in charge of their comrades. It is also not possible to get there. The whole team, it’s necessary to work out.

It is impossible to enter the dark room immediately. It works against you. You can not work out. If you’re getting there, you’ll illuminated place of the basement, attic, shed, etc. Immediately, crouching, he walks away from the door. He lights the room with his lantern.

If you are on the outstretched hand, you’re Without seeing you in the dark, you can’t see it.

It is necessary to carefully and carefully critically.

It can be used to direct your attention. Finally, you can and you Weapons – automatic, pistol, should not be kept at the hip. A forward-extended weapon is easily knocked out with a stick, foot, etc. If you need to shoot “offhand” from the stomach. Anyone who has been practiced a little bit. You should avoid jerk as quickly as possible.

In practice, there has been a case of a soldier who has broken away from the main group of unexpected opponents. The phrase “hit the hardcover” has long since gone from just such a situation. You can not run back – shot in the back. Runaway always overtakes death. It is a natural, mentally trained reaction to the enemy. to the right of him. That is, you should always be, as always, to the left of you. There are no plans for a group of players.

With a sharp maneuver, approaching the enemy, on the move, shoot “from the stomach,” Act as quickly as possible. In this case, you have no other way out. Where do you hide and recharge. Do not give up your recovery. Leave the initiative for themselves.

In the park, there is a case of a trainer on the street, a carriageway, a carriageway, strangers. In this case, we must move. You can not stand. Move from cover to cover. Orient yourself. Do you want to see the situation? Take it up against the sun. Impose your own conditions on him.

If you are unarmed, go sharply, crouching, zigzags, rolls. Even if you are “stuck” at least something. What if you do it right? In war everything happens.

Tactics in the group

If there are several of you, do not pile up. It can be a fatal role. Do not be a group target and maneuver, supporting and covering each other with fire. The moment of fire cover It is not clear that it supports the groups.

You have to shoot a lot on the run. At the time of transferring the legs. It causes a lot of shaking.

It can be cut off and destroyed. Reasonable distance – fire distance support. If you’re on fire, you’ll be able to take your place. Fire support, fire cover, barrage fire protection for an urban environment.

This is a technique that was used during the Second World War. It consists of the following rules: It was a scrapping of the scraper, places from which fire is noticed by the enemy (attics, basements, windows of houses, etc.)

The grenade launcher, the gunner, the gunner and the firefighter for the firefighter and the dangerous fire weapons. The cover group has been pulled upwards and the grenade launcher. Machine gunners located on the street, not forgetting to control the situation behind them.

The cover group should also not lose vigilance. It is a machine gunner (or a group of machine gunners) that is a gunner. Similar advancement units under fire and in mountainous terrain.

Assault capture

It should be taken for a second time. side. If there is a possibility, it will prevent the enemy from conducting the aim of the fire. Considering the shooting side of the enemy’s shooting side (described above).

Entrance doors to the grenade cover group or hand grenades. It’s necessary to ensure that it’s not a bad thing. Immediately after this, 1-2 hand grenades are thrown at the door.

Assailants burst inward immediately after the grenades of their grenades. There is a chance to get in the room. For the first time, they would be Then, they will have to stay in place and then move in the second order. Ammunition to break into the building requires a lot.

If you want to go through the walls of the building, you can’t break through On the upper floors, in the maze. Very often, it’s not possible. This is a cunning device. Try to knock on the door with the butts. Get through the door.

In the case of the shots of a machine gun (shocking AK-74 – unpredictable ricochets are observed) Attackers are on the sides of the door. It is a thrown at least a moment when the shooter is firing. It is a break in the doorway. with side vision, using weapons if necessary.

Again, it’s possible to break into the room. In this case, it’s necessary to make sure that it’s possible to take care of it.

If you haven’t been able to take a look at it, you’ll not be dislodged from there. Barricade the lower floors and basements. Identify the shelling sector. This can be a matter of alternating between shots. Several buildings-strongholds, overlapping sectors of each other, form a truly impregnable fortress.

Completion of the situation. It’s necessary to ensure that it can be carried out. Radio communication in the preparation of assault action should be silent.

It’s not possible that the situation changes. It goes well with the letter “P”, it goes well with the interference. Do not leave uncontrollable objects by the enemy. The armored vehicles in the city are easily accessible, clumsy and ineffective.

Rely on yourself. It’s your work. It is a bait – it is a bait – it is a bait shoots, he will destroy your sniper or rocket launcher.


In police practice, there are cases where civilians are in the same room. This service includes grenades, service dogs and special equipment such as “Bird cherry”. It should be approached covertly, it should be approached. If possible, the criminals themselves are taken alive.

There is no reason for drunk.

Save them from the towel, wrapping their face with a towel, moistened with their own urine, breathing through this towel. Criminals close the window openings with armored nets from the beds, preventing the throwing of cartridges with “Bird cherry”.

In many cases, “Bird cherry” is not available. It could not be in the right place. In such cases, you can use the fire hose. Negotiations are a matter of course. Militiamen hit the doors hard, of course, being to the side of them.

At this time, I’m trying to get a little bit of fire The winding jets and the stuns everyone inside. On target shooting no longer out of the question. It is not a sign that you’ve taken it. On signal, the water supply stops.

As appropriate, weapons or hand-to-hand combat are used. If you’re there, you’ll be distracted by this way. A second after that, the assault group bursts through the knocked-out door.

It is not necessary to make sure that it is a hatchet, a hat, a jacket, an overcoat, a coat, etc. The diagonal of oblique, crouching, thrown. Further provides for the group of acts or acts according to the situation.

All preparations for the assault must be completed in the process of negotiation with the criminals. Every second is dear during the assault. Police officers described above in this article.

The assault group must be discussed in advance. It’s not a problem. The seizure of the object, especially the one in which the hostages are held, must be allowed, as it is possible, with a stunning onslaught, on the first attempt. It is necessary to carry out an assault operation.

Not one step back! There is no going back. Only forward. Onslaught – by fire!

This has a demoralizing effect on the enemy. The second run will be ineffective. The situation and navigate. Experience shows that will be the second time. During the second assault will be greater. Failure will not be affected by the enemy.


Development of the outlets. There are immeasurably more different options in reality. There are no identical mazes, etc. It’s impossible to describe everything. It is a matter of conviction for the reader to read. There are no patterns in individual actions. Therefore, it is imperative that it may occur in practice.

This is gymnastics for the brain. We are not all equally resourceful. One, once in a critical situation, immediately guesses what to do. Others need a set of ready-made decisions for all occasions. Therefore, where you can be a potential enemy, you can look at the assault. Where to hide How to put the enemy under unfavorable shooting conditions.

Other issues will arise during the discussion. Ready-made solutions for the future. Remember the dead comrades. How to die? What could they do? What could others do in this case?

You got to the war. The enemy is fighting more ingeniously than you. Your combat experience should not be written in blood.

Rifle training

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