Fighting on the street. 10 mistakes

When there is a risk to run, you need to be careful. And yet, when meeting with the gateways, many make mistakes. Stupid, based on stereotypes or pride. Mistakes, life, and possibly life. This is a list of the most incorrect moves:

1. You want to give the change.

“Normal guys,” he said. But it is very difficult to defend against the first strike, even to a professional athlete-combatant. Therefore, I died the first.

2. When you hit the gopnik

Shook away from his feet, as if nothing had happened. In the case of adrenaline, anger and hatred towards you.

3. You are being led to the layout “let’s go out and talk”

90% of the men. In fact, it’s not a problem.

4. As a continuation of the “patsansky” Ponto, it’s a self-esteem long distance.

You’ve chosen a safe route for each of you. It doesn’t remember, “It’sn’t hurt and I don’t remember,”

5. Do you really think so?

After the conflict comes together understanding: “I had a gun with me!” (In the purse that was taken).
Morality: self-defense extract in advance.

6. You can understand the outcome.

The adrenaline accumulated by the adrenaline accumulate. Attention is to repelling the opponent preparing to begin an attack.
Correct option – I realized that the fight was inevitable, turned off the internal dialogue, immediately attacked first.

7. Peacefully.

Resuscitation thought. But it is not the case. Enough for breasts and beats his forehead in the nose.
Correct option if a fight is inevitable – see point 6.

8. If you are a plant. A little gopnik beat

Sometimes there are guys who can’t stop in time. And it’s not so much the brains are splashed out.
Correct option – for the genitals, knees, legs.

9. Girls and panties scream. A real man must endure

At the moment, the football support team played football. The team realized that it was carried away. It greatly increases your chances of escape.

10. Self-defense = hand-to-hand fight, 2 shocks hands, “before the first blood”

In fact, the “first blood” and even the first broken ribs. He can grab a knife, or you raise a brick. The “battle” teams couldn’t have been sounded, and even
Correct option: “The pioneers’ cry – always be ready!” That is, keep it safe, keep a safe distance, run away, shout, hit first.

Conclusion It is not a sparring in the gym. We will conduct an analogue with shooting, sports and combat.

It is a sports carriage. You can not rush, carefully aiming before each shot.
In battle, there is no longer a cozy shooting gallery. Pebble caught in shoes and shirts of the enemy. In general, you will not feel comfortable.

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Fighting on the street. 10 mistakes

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