Filter LifeStraw – clean water in minutes

It can be taken for a couple of minutes. This is a question that carefully worked out. If you’re trying to make it, then dragging the water is simply not possible. So you have to resort to local resources.

Natural “pure water” is not so clean in fact. Of course, there are conditions under which it can be drunk completely freely, but much more often there are reservoirs that poorly meet these requirements. Boiling, of course, destroys the most dangerous microorganisms, but it doesn’t help. Yes, and takes quite a lot of time. So what to do? Experts of the company LifeStraw solved this question. They developed a special water filter that effectively cleans water from contamination, bacteria and viruses. The cleaning efficiency reaches 99% in the case of bacterial contamination and 96%, about contamination of water with viral particles. The device works on the principle of banal filtering. However, the fabric used for this is significantly different from most of its counterparts. In fact, these three layers are a microscopic mesh that filters greater than 0.2 microns in size; iodinated resin layer, eliminating microbiological contamination; It is a substance that has been found to be an iodine acid. This is packaged in a compact container, 25 cm long and 3 cm in diameter.

No matter how difficult, no matter how difficult, no more difficult to drink, The filter simply stops working when this happens. This device costs about $ 20.

It was confirmed by the field tests. In fact, it often becomes catastrophic. It was thanks to the fact that it was not a problem. So you’re going to keep up with your life.

Filter LifeStraw &# 8212; clean water in minutes

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