Financial pyramids: not to get caught

Surviving in society is much more difficult than surviving in the wild. If it’s not, then it’s possible to go into it, it’s insaneious and unprincipled other people. And even an experienced survivor can become a victim of deception, flattered by unprecedented benefits. Awareness and caution. What is why? financial pyramids.

Definition and classification

So, according to the definition of a financial structure. This is not even the “legal” source of income is invented. This will be a sudden, close and declare itself bankrupt.

How simplistic it looks from the outside. “You can get 5 times more!”. Having bought it at a high percentage, money is deposited and … And then there are two options. It’s EXTREMELY paid. The victim begins to scream at the most “honest and profitable company”. If you manage to catch the structure, you will be the winner. If you’re not ready to pay for a car, you’ll never get it.

There are the following types of financial pyramids:

  • Classic, for example, has already become a nominal MMM.
  • Cashier mutual aid. It is possible to make it a large sum. That is, they like to an insurance organization. It is a sole question.
  • Network marketing. He has to pay for his money. The most “honest” option, because there is a legal source of income. It can be stupidly non-competitive, therefore it can not be sold. In this case, all the signs of a classic financial pyramid.
  • Hip projects. In the wake of the general insanity of Internet technologies, the master financial pyramids moved to the worldwide network. There are also some real-time scenarios of aggressive Internet marketing.

A bit of history

The very first financial pyramide Was created already in 1920, when the enterprising Italian immigrant Charles Ponty decided to seek information. It’s not always the case for the so-called “international response coupons.” In practice, it’s not a matter of course. The spirit of the fraud was revealed;

As for Russia, you can survived the nineties. Sergey Mavrodi. Here you can even add nothing, except for the MMM-2011, and in 2012 – another one. And people, damn it, carried money there. Learn to learn from their mistakes.

But there is no question. “The Russian House of Selenga”, “Khoper-Invest”, “The Lord” – has been actively heard, but then, of course, it’s not a bad idea. And lovers of freebies continue to beat the thresholds of various organizations, hoping that they could return the money. But no, there is no reason to go.

For example, if you were a lawyer, then you’re formally He went to bankruptcy. Great, isn’t it? If you’ve been on the road to the preliminary investigation, Mavrodi has emerged.

What you need to know?

Each financial pyramid There are a number of bright defining features:

  • Impressive PR in the absence of specifics. Bright commercials, the highest eloquence, oath assurances that “we are all cool,” Say, everything is confidential, “The secret of the company”, etc.
  • The promise of super profits. “You bring us a hundred rubles, and get a hundred dollars!”. This is the hypothetical percentage of the financial pyramid.
  • Small initial fees. It’s not worth it. But, as they say – “One old woman – 20 kopecks, and 5 – already a ruble.”
  • Full or partial anonymity. The organizers and coordinators are trying to get rid of their faces. If you don’t make any claims.
  • Using specific terminology. He is a client who wants to meet his professional needs, more “junk” information. Alas, most people are poorly versed in all the economic processes, therefore, People hawala.

How to avoid?

Very simple. Remember that freebies do not happen. That is one of the “out of pure altruism.” What they think about their own benefits. It is a clear idea to declare everything you need. Yes, the percentage is much lower, but more reliable.

But there is a special category of people who financial pyramids manage to use for personal enrichment. This is something akin to professional gambling irokam. They know how, what, and most importantly, when to do it. but such successful players – one in several thousand. Do not expect that you are lucky. It is better to take cares of losing everything. And remember, the main postulate of all fraudsters – “Loch is not a mammoth, he will not die.”

Financial pyramids: not to get caught

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