Fines for illegal hunting in 2018

Despite the careful protection of animals and the imposition of tough sanctions, there are craftsmen who act against the accepted order at their own peril and risk. Russian legislation establishes fines for hunting. For individual acts of a person can bring to administrative responsibility. In other cases, there is even a criminal punishment. Consider the details of the punishment for poaching.

  • What is called poaching
  • 2What the inspector will check
  • 3Payment for hunting without voucher
  • 4Who is banned
  • 5 Fines for violation of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Article 8.37
  • 6Punishment for violation of article 258 of the Criminal Code

What is called poaching

Poaching is the intentional infliction of harm to nature for the purpose of obtaining personal material gain. Rare plants and animals are dying for the whim of man, sacrificed to momentary desire. Poachers aim to earn money through illegal shooting of animals, fishing or logging. As a result, natural resources are depleted.

Shooting animals in the reserve is poachingWhat can be attributed to violations of such a plan?

  1. The absence of a hunting ticket for shooting game. When there is no permission, the person has no right to hunt. For the illegal hunt provided heavy fines.
  2. The implementation of the hunt at the wrong time of the year. It turns out that if you go out into the woods with a gun at the wrong time, you can get a serious punishment. The penalty for violating the rules of hunting will be very rather big.
  3. Shooting wild animals and catching fish that are prohibited by law. Some representatives of the fauna are listed in the red book. Hunting them may entail the complete extinction of specific species. In order to avoid such undesirable consequences, there is a penalty for violating hunting rules.
  4. Exceeding the rate of shooting or catching animals is also called poaching. It is necessary to strictly follow the established rules and avoid arbitrariness. It is not enough to have a special license, it is necessary to be guided by the existing provisions in order not to go beyond the framework of the adopted law.

Among other things, it is worth noting that poachers often use a barbaric approach. Usually such people do not have any moral principles and do not worry about the state of nature. They are guided only by personal considerations, intending to earn big money on illegal hunting activities. If it is possible to fine at least a small part of unceremonious pests of nature, then hundreds and thousands of representatives of the animal world can be considered saved.

What the inspector will check

In order to prevent unauthorized hunting, the law provides for a specific check. It is aimed primarily at reducing cases of poaching and the protection of endangered species of animals. So what will the inspector check? What moments should pay attention?

  1. The magnitude of the damage. Before making certain conclusions, it is necessary to assess how much harm was done. An inspector who has all the necessary information can understand the situation and draw the right conclusions.
  2. The severity of the breach. A specialist will be able to easily determine how significant a violation has been committed by a citizen. Concrete measures will be taken only after the total damage has been assessed. Immediately similar conclusions do not seem possible.
  3. Specific implications. Illegal hunting always implies fines for poaching. If the consequences of the damage caused are too great and significant, the inspector can force not only to pay a fine for violating hunting rules, but also to bring him to criminal liability.

Punishment for hunting without a voucher

In the absence of a special hunting agreement, a fine is imposed.Private hunting always involves the conclusion of a special contract. This document spells out what the hunter is entitled to, and what is not. It is also necessary to obtain the necessary permission to enter the forest with a gun. Otherwise, such a citizen is expected to serious sanctions. Before you begin your business, it is recommended that you carefully review the current rules and regulations.

The penalty for hunting without a ticket is imposed in the amount of from five hundred rubles to four or five thousand. It hardly makes sense to risk your own money and get an administrative offense.

Who is forbidden to hunt

There is a fairly extensive list of representatives of the animal world, which is strictly protected by law. For the shooting of these animals, birds, fishing is subject to severe punishment. The penalty for the violator for non-compliance with the rules is more than two million rubles. It is worth noting that poachers kill animals precisely in order to extract the maximum financial benefit from their occupation. Let us take a closer look at whom hunting is strictly prohibited.

The hunt for the Amur tiger is prohibited

  • Amur tiger. There are very few of these amazing animals on our planet. There is a real threat that they will ever disappear forever from the face of the earth. The Amur tiger is subject to mandatory protection from the encroachments of unscrupulous hunters. At the moment, for the shooting of this majestic and mighty animal, you can get a serious punishment. The problem is that the craftsmen are still there. It is through their fault that some of the most beautiful specimens on the planet perish.
  • Stork. Today it belongs to the endangered species of birds. For shooting provides for the payment of a substantial fine. Specialists in the protection of the animal world by all means try to save the stork population.
  • Deer. Serious sanctions are expected poachers for the destruction of the number of deer. In nature, they are not so much. There is a real threat of complete extinction.
  • Salmon. This type of fish is prohibited to catch without special permission. Fans of fishing should come to terms with this fact and abandon their personal intentions.
  • Roe deer Majestic and beautiful herbivore, whose representative and so constantly dies because of predators. Roe deer shooting is strictly prohibited, and every respectable hunter knows this.
  • Cheetah. Amazing and bold animal, unsurpassed sprinter, master of huge jumps and beautiful exquisite running. The Society for the Protection of Animals carefully monitors the welfare of cheetahs and in some regions helps them to preserve their populations. The fact is that these graceful creatures very often die, even being in their natural habitat. When it comes to unclean thoughts of poachers, then, unfortunately, cheetahs begin to disappear from the face of the earth more often.
  • Leopard. Also applies to endangered species. Leopard has an unusually beautiful skin. For this reason, many poachers intend to shoot these magnificent and strong predators. The probability of obtaining an impressive amount of money for them is very high. However, environmentalists also do not stand still. For shooting the beast, you can get a serious punishment that will discourage the desire to generally engage in hunting and ever take up a gun.
  • Fines for violation of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation article 8.37

    New fines for illegal hunting concern those individuals that have decided to profit from the ruin of natural resources. For violation of the existing rules provided for the occurrence of administrative liability. It is to pay a lump sum in the amount of from twenty to thirty five thousand rubles. In addition, hunting instruments are forcibly withdrawn. This is done in order to further prevent the occurrence of repeated offenses.

    Punishment for violation of article 258 of the Criminal Code

    This article provides for the liability of the person who committed the shooting of animals in the reserve or illegal fishing. For the illegal use of natural resources, for exceeding their powers with causing damage on a particularly large scale, the following sanctions are listed as punishment: payment of monetary compensation from two hundred to four hundred thousand rubles. This punishment may be replaced (for example, due to the absence of the necessary funds by the offender) with correctional labor for up to 24 months, or with arrest lasting from four months to six months.

    Thus, the absence of a license or permit to hunt always entails fines.
    The consequences for poachers may turn out to be even more negative than you can imagine: the offensive is not only administrative, but also criminal liability. Gross violations of the law are necessarily punished by widespread consequences.

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