Finger under the trigger: About security, pros and cons

Each field has its own endless topics of conversation. They come out again and again. I am one of the most advanced and most formally practiced weapons of choice.

It’s funny and uniquely completely typical. It is clear that there has been a lot of thought to be taken in each of these incidents. A psychologist to find it.

Already more than 10 years for our country, the rules for the safe use of weapons are beginning to be voiced:

  1. Always handle a weapon as if it were loaded.
  2. Do not want to shoot.
  3. Do not put your finger on the target.
  4. Before you shoot, check out

This is a list of cases where there is a rule.

It is useless to count these times and repeat countless times. It can be thoughtfully, systematically, and it turns out to be knowledgeable in skills and abilities.

The rules of the third one, the third: Do not put your finger on the target.

The guard position is often not the case.
If you’re losing your breath, you’re losing the sound of your finger.

It would seem – what is easier? Not interesting, not interesting, not special forces. Therefore, there is another way that we will talk about now.

Finger under the trigger

This method did not appear yesterday. The idea is attributed to one of the GRU obrspn. The method of movement was taken for a while. In this situation, you can catch the trigger and provoke a random shot.

Is this method wrong? Not at all. It seems to me that the words “right” and “wrong” should not be used. The main criterion is not abstract “correctness”, but efficiency. It is a good idea to try this out. Fine. But are there any nuances? Of course have …

1. Different weapons

Of course, it’s not enough time to go there. It is not possible to mention a sample of the pistols, a glove, a pistol based on the 1911 Colt, a weapon, a gun This is a possibility. Most likely it is.

But the rest, more ambitious colleagues such a need may arise. These are the PMCs in general, which are subject to maritime security. It will be useless for you.

2. Different anthropometric characteristics of shooters and equipment items

And if you can standardize weapons, then standardize shooters just will not work. I can tell you what to say, and many comrades, whom nature has endowed with hefty paws.

It can be used as a rule. It can not be used for all cadets.

3. Potential injuries

Another item from personal experience. The glove is still tucked under the trigger. Loss of balance, a fall of a weapon. The same story when fired from a grenade launcher. Trifle, but quite logical.

4. The whole unreliability of the method

It is often the forests that have been sneaking through weeds and bushes. It’s just that you’re fixing your equipment or simply scratch. It was re-opened to the outsider.

Of course, you can’t give you any attention. The outside of the trigger guard.

5. The reaction of the enlightened public

He added that he would like to make the best of his choice. Purely automatically what you are used to. The eyes of the judge, the disqualification, the swearing, the mutual accusations.

To summarize, you can’t say what the finger is under. If you put him in there, this is your choice. But it’s not a problem, because it can’t be ignored.

Finger under the trigger: About security, pros and cons

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