Fire in Kemerovo: 3 tips on how to survive

Some European countries are sending some Russian diplomats there. This is certainly important news. Would be. Another day. But today is not. Because most of whom are children. This is what it makes today:

1. Described scarf

It’s always a rule. Because it is true: Therefore, it is a scarf, a T-shirt, a shirt, a blouse, and a skirt hem. We write. And breathe through the fabric described. Urine filters.

It’s not a shame to do so. But this “not ashamed” mood can only be created. In every class or group there will always be those who convincingly say: “What’s so funny? If it will save a life. “

2. Teach children to the game “find a way out”

It’s not a problem. Never. Make it up. You will pay attention to it. Therefore, within 2-3 weeks, it is a fun and instantly look. You can check with the staff.

3. Exit from the panicked crowd

There are three rules:

  1. We go only in the direction of movement, without stopping, even if left are left behind. You will meet you go outside.
  2. Gently round the corners, pillars, any counter obstacles. To do this, we look afar that ahead. Elbows arms crossed over his chest. So, if you are squeezed, you can breathe freely.
  3. If you fell: no “group”! You have three seconds to stand at any cost. I love you, climb a person. Remember that the man-tree will not be glad to us. And even maybe knocking on the head. But you will have time to get up. Practice at home.

And you never need this information.
Lia Sharova, Head of Stop Threats.

He has made it possible to happen more often. It can be a problem to increase your chances, such as the fire in Kemerovo. It’s terrible, but let’s learn and teach.
Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

We sincerely condole with families.

Fire in Kemerovo: 3 tips on how to survive

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