Fire is so much in one word

It was considered a life of the dinosaurs. Since then, the names, clothes and names have changed. But some things never change. Fire and now can become the boundary between life and death. With it, dry clothes, give signals, prepare food and create comfort. Fire scares insects. It is used brutally for heating metal and firing clay products, as well as sharpening sticks. This will be a bit of oxygen and it will burn; the wind subsided the coals Fire it is dynamic as it is everything around it. He is a piece of life.

How to make fire?


For a campfire you need to prepare a kind of tinder, fuel and fuel. It will be a little trouble.


For your hearth, especially in windy territory. Remove all dry twigs, blades of grass, moss and needles in a circle with a diameter of up to 2 m. Out of damp logs. If there is a wind it is very strong there. It can be saved. Choose dry stones, because it is wet when heated can “explode” and injure you with splinters.


Billowed treated treated treated treated treated treated treated treated treated treated treated treated treated treated treated treated treated treated treated But it should be dry. Therefore, it’s not a problem.


For kindling often take thin dry rods. Pay attention to their sufficient number, as they quickly burn through. And yes, they should also be dry.


As the main fuel take firewood from the dead. Better, of course, is oak – it burns for a long time, it emits a lot of heat. Spruce, pine, chestnut, willow – quickly burn through and give sparks. It will take you a lot of firewood for a long time. It is the source of fuel. In the tundra, low willow, dwarf birch and juniper are used for this. They still use cow “tortillas” for these purposes. Here, by the way, to types of fuel. That’s not all. Peat can be found in drained marshes. It is easy to cut. Folded in bricks with large gaps, it dries quickly and ignites easily. And, of course, oil products – fuel oil, gasoline, antifreeze. You can mix car fuel with sand and burn in any container, such as a keg.

Weays to make fire

Way to match the fire is matches. Always carry an airtight container If there is a burning candle, it is possible to make sure that it can be used to make it. If your matches are wet, it’s dry and not greasy. When rubbed, it’s not a problem, but it also adds up to your hair. So, kindle a fire. There is a small pad of tinder around it. When the kind is kindled well, you can put a piece of wood bigger. And you can also knit thin, like a match, twist the twigs, and invest in a hut.

Use lenses

Another way to make a fire. It is a glass bottle. A tinder pad, chips. There was a fire, small flames appeared – we inflated, and we made it.


It is quite possible to use a gunpowder from ammunition to burn the tinder. With the flint to the car sparkle. Voila!


This stone is found almost all over the world. When they strike a metal sparks are cut, helping to kindle a fire.

Accumulator battery

Flashlight you definitely have. Not? Then the player, the radio. Yes, you remove the battery from the car! The two ends of the wire are worn. Each segment is fixed to one of the terminals. He was moistened with gasoline will fit perfectly. The spark hits the tinder and you are saved.


This is a simple device, but requires serious practice. It is even better when it comes to help with a “bow”. It is made of soft wood, while it is making a tinder from the fine wood dust. It is designed to ignite the tinder. So, the spindle is made of oak, ash, beech. Dice from pine, ate. Laces from shoes. A flat small stone will be assigned as a sinker for pressing. This is a manual spindle. Only if you are a palatable


It can be ignored by friction, impact, adding a catalyst.

  • Potassium permanganate and sugar in a 9: 1 ratio will flare up when glycerin is added (glycerin is an antifreeze component)
  • Potassium chlorate (3: 1) and sugar in a ratio of 3: 1 – a mixture of sulfuric acid (available in the car battery).

Types of bonfires

Did you know what the fires are not limited to the number 1? Yes, there is a component of targeted use. You need to completely different fires.

Bonfire for heat

An open single fire heats only close objects. To get the maximum heat, to dissolve it, if possible, at a distance from the stump In this case, it will additionally protect your back from the wind. You will get it up and you will get it.

Coster hole

Weatherproof type of campfire, where you can burn almost everything. Convenient for burning trash. Damped rampart. A chimney hole is pierced above the cave with a thin stick. Make a fire in the middle of the cave.

Yukon hearth

It is not worth it. Depth and diameter of about 25 cm, and, additionally, a sleeve leading to the bottom. It is important to fill the gaps between them. It is ignored, it is gone into the hole. It can be a bit hot. The main thing is to crawl into the pipe on top.

Bonfire dakota

If you’re unfinished: And you can use it the same.

Taiga candle

This type of fire can be used even in the period of snow and frosty. If you want to eat hot, if you want to eat it

Bonfire nodia

It is a kind of fire in the forest. Properly folded Nodia is able to burn evenly throughout the winter night. It is not a close up to comfort.

Bonfire in the recess

This is a type of fire of approximately 30 * 90 cm and a depth of approximately 30 * 90 cm. There is a trace of water for the pot. When the fire goes out, you will still be able to fry kebabs.

Potbelly stove

But this is absolutely too rare firebridge. Up to 10 people gathered around. Instal closed It is done quite simply. There are holes in the bottom of the wall. Well, or even bring the pipe to the ceiling, even in the window. Put yourself on the water.


You can make a fire, and surely follow it too. It is a good idea to write it out. It can be seen that it sometimes makes a fire. What to do?

Forest fire

If you find a fire in the forest, Further – according to circumstances. If you can, start extinguishing: throw flame with earth, sand. To prevent the spread. Not sure of yourself – get out of there while you can. And notify people of fire. If you’re looking for it, it’s not. It is necessary to get out of the hearth, to any clearance – a clearing, glade, river. In the river, if anything, you can sit out for a while. Wet cloth with water. If you see that the fire is not very strong, and are you sure, you can risk running, you can risk running. Calculate the path, inhale and RUN.

It was a small wrinkle. And so they waited until the fire passes over them. And, like a phoenix, then they came out of the fire. There is an expression “wedge knock out a wedge.” This principle applies to extinguish the fire. It can still be applied if there is a fire and it is still at some distance from you. The fire fell back into the fire, the fire fell back into the fire. In this way, you will be able to wait for your peace. It can be used to make it out. Do not kindle the “counter”, if you are not sure of the result. If you are in the car, stay there. Close the windows tightly, turn on the air conditioner. If possible, leave. Can not leave – stay in the car. So you have more chances to stay alive.

Building fire

The first sign of a fire in a building is usually smoke. Smelled or saw smoke – call the fireman. We saw a flame: if it is small, we can make a curtain, a blanket, sand, water – all that is at hand. If there is a electrical connection, it is not necessary to use water. It has been noted that it has been curved, fire extinguisher. In parallel, we inform our neighbors – we shout and knock – we must have time to evacuate. The fire door is already a fire escape door. It is forbidden to use the elevator during the evacuation, preferably by a ladder. There is a flowerbed under the windows. Close up the door, carefully plug all the cracks with the resources at hand – rugs, curtains. If you have to go through the window, foot or elbow tightly wrapped clothing hands.

It happens that help is late. Then use curtains, tablecloths, sheets to create a rope to descend. It is still safer to be closer to the ground. If you’re liking this The path is ready. Yes, it is possible to throw it. You can jump your knees to your chest. Your back when landing, and then your back. You need to go through the area. Do not run on the street – it will inflate the fire. To bring down the flame.

Ignition of motor vehicles

The biggest danger Therefore, it is even more important than the presence of a pants. If the car caught fire in the garage – push it out. DO NOT GET IN THE CAR. Handles and legs, quick and fun, like Lenin log. And outside – her fire extinguisher, darling. If you are in a car If the fire is in the cabin – clothing, capes, bedding “strangle” the flame, fire extinguisher. It is also a “carriage”. In the middle of the sprouted fuel, it can be quickly and efficiently. And again, “all in the garden.”

Fire in the air

If suddenly, we immediately call the flight attendant. At the same time, we “suffocate” the flame with the clothes or a blanket. It is not clear that it’s not a shady way to fly it out. We’re unquestioningly listening to the aircraft of the aircraft of the aircraft. Consciousness is raining down. In general, gentlemen, you need to live carefully, in all senses. You need to be saved.

And bless you!

the fire &# 8212; so much in one word

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