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Talking about protection of property and home, in the context of the same long-barreled firearms, it is worth analyzing in sufficient detail the potential scenarios for the defense of an apartment and the house as a whole.

On the one hand, the more situations you are prepared for, the better, of course. On the other hand, there is a craze for the zombie apocalypse, civil war and other wet dreams of the Attill room, expressed in the burning of NATO columns, marching across the vast expanses of the great and mighty.

The latter, by the way, leads to a situation where people at the dacha can not leave a separate toilet without a multitool, a lantern, a knife, a first-aid kit, a turnstile, and 100 meters of a paracord, as well as a special pouch for all this magnificence. That is, people prefer to prepare for something universally global and severe. While reality, as a rule, is much more prosaic.

If we are talking about apartment defense, then the situation itself, which to you in a dwelling in an apartment building is crammed with, when you are at home, is already quite extraordinary in itself. Yes, it is clear that a neighbor is an alcoholic, just a jerk or a drug addict (all these categories may be just outsiders, not necessarily neighbors) is unlikely to be able to get into the apartment if there is a normal door. That is, he will be able to render an immediate threat only if for some reason you let him in to you (just open the door).

This option can be considered only in the context of the fact that you were purposely wayled for, waited until you opened the door and then attacked. The main task in this situation is to avoid the primary attack and simply get to the weapon. That is, in any way to stop the primary aggression, gain time, get to the safe, open it, get a weapon, bring it to combat readiness. And only then it becomes possible to apply it for its intended purpose.

I draw your attention that I am not a lawyer and questions of legality and consequences for the arrow in legal aspect I do not consider and do not discuss. Just look at the practice of recent years to understand that the hemorrhoids that you get if you use a weapon on an attacker makes sense only in the case of a direct and obvious threat.

In the overwhelming majority of situations, it is enough to have in the hallway in the “rehearsed” place one or two gas cylinders of normal capacity for full-scale flooding of any invasion (well, or find Tehrimovsky Dragon on 650 ml), and also local ATC phone to call staff. The body rushing around the apartment can be restrained with the help of a mop, preventing it from running too deeply and dangerously close to itself and close ones. And in the process with the hope of waiting for the early arrival of the outfit of the “operators of chalk”.

That is, we will talk about a situation where you regard the threat as serious enough to be applied to the intruder (s). firearms.

Primary apartment defense algorithm

If we are talking about situations when people pound on your door or try to open it, your actions for apartment defense quite simple. You calmly get to gun safe, Prepare him for battle and take a position. Naturally, it is good if you warn intruders in advance that you are actually at home and are generally armed. And also specify that you are determined and have a strong emotion about an unplanned meeting. In the end, from the other side they may not be aware that someone is at home. And it may even give up the implementation of future plans.

No normal thief, burglar or robber will climb into the apartment when the owner is there. And even more so when the owner yells from behind the door, that he has a weapon and that he will shoot, but to heighten the effect, he also clanges something, sounding vaguely reminiscent of the clack of the shutter.

Accordingly, if after such a set of warnings attempts to get inside do not stop, then the matter is much more serious than it seems. No, of course, it can always turn out to be a husband / wife / child / father-in-law / mother-in-law / family friend who drank up to insanity, but it will become clear either after looking through the peephole or at the video-eye monitor. So, if after all the warnings in the apartment are bursting, then this is a bad sign – we are talking about a specific insanity. Either they came specifically for you, or for some kind of value in your house, which is much more important for “guests” than difficulties with the owner (that is to say with you). Accordingly, after that you occupy a convenient firing position and get ready for positional fire contact.

That is, if you have heard that someone is breaking the door, the algorithm apartment defense this is:

  • got to the safe;
  • got your weapon;
  • also got everything that you consider necessary (for example, a bullet-proof vest with a pair of pouches, if there is one);
  • prepared weapons for battle;
  • warned by a voice that you actually are at home, and you are generally armed;
  • took a defensive position;
  • They called the authorities, reported that they were bursting into your apartment.

By the way, a proven fact – police officers arrive much faster and more willingly if they are warned that you are armed. Apparently, the very idea that someone will shoot at other people and without their permission, leads them into such a frenzy that, at times, they break all records in response speed.

Basic preparation for self defense and apartment defense It comes down not to the fact that you deftly burn money at a shooting range by a deft saiga, but to the fact that you measure by the stopwatch how long it takes you to complete the entire procedure described above.

Then, just in case, multiply the result by two. Because if you are not a man with combat experience, not an iron Felix and not a chthonic scumbag, from excitement (yes, yes, yes, I can’t help but cram my favorite stress) all actions will take approximately twice as long as in calm situations.

Therefore, first of all work out exactly fire contact preparation cycle. The faster you do it in training, the smaller the number will have to be multiplied by two, if the situation happens in reality.

Choosing a position for self defense

The second very important moment in the situation is apartment self defense – the correct choice of position for the “welcome guests”. This is not a maneuverable battle, where you jump from position to position. This is rather a dreary Verdun, just very tightly compressed in time. Sit behind the wall, sticking out only the barrel of the weapon and a piece of physiognomy (to lead, nevertheless, aimed shooting) and wait for the target to appear.

Here, by the way, there is a moment of choice firing position. The fact is that in most cases when it comes to long shotgun as a means home protection, we mean a smooth-bore weapon, in the mass – 12 gauge. Whether a semiautomatic device, a pump, or a double-barreled hunting rifle is unimportant.

Fire contact in the defense of an apartment takes place at a very short distance (well, if there are 5 meters), and if you live the door to the door with your neighbors (and the typical layout, as a rule, is arranged like this), then you can imagine what will happen to the door opposite after a couple of hits. And it’s good if this is a normal door for thousands in 30s, and not a profanation in 6, which can be opened with a can opener. Because in the latter case, you can accidentally shoot a neighbor, and this is a completely different article.

Accordingly, the choice firing position at apartment defense must be conditioned not only by your convenience, but also by safety for those not involved in the process outside the door. Open the door and see if the neighbors’ doors get into the corner of fire and, if possible, a flight of stairs (this is, of course, a reinsurance, but just in case it is better to foresee this probability).

If, shooting at a doorway, you inevitably risk to hook on foreign objects, then the option of shooting at a doorway is not for you. The enemy will have to miss to his home. Then you need to start from the layout of your own apartment, and since there are a lot of options for these very layouts, it is simply useless to consider specific situations. So think for yourself. When choosing a firing position, consider two main factors:

  • Maximum visibility, without “dead zones” or with a minimum of those. To do this, you can use large boxes that are comparable in size to the human body, in order to understand how simple or difficult it is to use them as shelters.
  • Own security. That is, how much you yourself can safely hide, while losing minimal opportunities for review.

The fact is that the concept itself self defense does not imply the mandatory destruction or disabling of the enemy. The bottom line is that the situation in which the need to protect oneself arose is simply over. It does not matter if the enemy was running or quietly laid down to poke around with brains. In both cases, you did everything to survive, and survived. AND

And just for this it is necessary to consider the place of choice firing position from point of view own security. If only because the uninvited guests can also come with a firearm. And for you to stand in the aisle with the boar at the ready, representing an ideal target – not the best choice.

Penetrating windows

By the way, some may ask a question, but why am I all about the doors and the doors? And why are we not talking about windows?

Well, if only because, in general, forceful penetration through windows is the lot police and special services. And if they did come for you, and over the house they go over the blades of a NORTH helicopter, then you will have little help at all. The state and the authorities show remarkable perseverance in getting to the person of interest to them. And in the case of such an interest, nothing will really help you.

It is difficult to do something when they are breaking both in the doors and in the windows, carrying out their expelling charges and other specially designed “master-key” for removing obstacles. For all other, normal situations, there is an anti-vandal film and normal windows. At a minimum, these things will give you time to get to the safe and take a weapon out of it. Well, for an ordinary person, entering through a window is a threat only if he lives on the first floor.

But, in principle, if there is a potential prospect that a window can break through to you, then work out first of all exactly how you will get to the weapon. And then – how and from where will you shoot. Again, in this situation, do not forget that everything that does not fall into the attacker, will fly “somewhere to there” and maybe even hit someone, for which then you will have to answer the shooter. Therefore, in such situations, always try to shoot at such angles to the target whenever possible, so that there would be something difficult to follow behind it.

Directly fire contact

Back to the very shooting process, which, in essence, is more boring than the process of preparing for it. The situation when you have to wage a full firefight in the format apartment defense – pretty unrealistic, but life is unhealthy. In such situations, you can honestly assume that if it came to changing the store, then either you are cranked, or you are working on suppression.

There is, of course, the option that enemies like cockroaches burst into the doorway, but this is from the extremes section. In reality, if the enemy encountered active opposition and did not retreat, this only means one thing: you need to hold out until the arrival of the officers, because they are likely to try to get there purposefully.

Coming back to the applied aspect – it is necessary to shoot calmly and intelligently. That is, each shot is caused by the appearance of a target in sight. In the end, it is not known how many all the attackers, and that they have with resources and ammunition. By and large, if you could not solve the problem with the help of one store, it means either a very active and numerous group is breaking to you, or you are somewhere very wrong. Either in tactics (read – in the choice of position), or in preparation. And with you, of course, you can have 8 stores on unloading.

The second point is that when active shooting in an enclosed space it will very quickly become smoky and dusty. Smoky from powder gases, dusty from the fact that when it enters the concrete wall there is a constant cloud of dust. With an intense exchange of fire, keep in mind that by shooting one store, visibility will be greatly impaired, and it will become more difficult to identify the target, and, in principle, to identify the threat. And no flashlight will help. So try to shoot rarely and as accurately as possible.

Just in case, I remind you that this is purely about defense apartment using firearms We do not consider here a private house, nor, for any reason, self-defense in nature. The defense of the apartment is, in fact, the simplest and most uncomplicated measure from what can actually be assumed. It is clear that we do not go into the details of the legal aspect, such as, for example, that it is better to shoot in a situation when the attacker has already penetrated into the dwelling and when he is also armed. Otherwise, according to our current self defense article, you will have more hemorrhoids. But here, to be honest, it is much more logical to find a specialist in jurisprudence in this matter and ask him: how to defend yourself, how to behave and what to say / do in such cases.

Self defense

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