Firearms for hunting, survival and self-defense

Anyone who understands perfectly well, especially for a firearm for hunting, survival and self-defense. This is a question of how much it can be.

So, let us go back to our sheep … and you can’t make it out. protect them).

Firearms for hunting, survival or self-defense – As they say – “Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!”

And here comes the logical question …

How to choose a firearm for hunting, survival and self-defense?

It is a separate song. Let’s just say 100%. Somewhere you have to sacrifice something. But you can always find the right solution.

Consider main options for weapons.


There are traumatic guns, there are traumatic guns.

Even as a weapon for self-defense, a traumatic pistol is frankly bad. Especially considering the hottest countries. There is no one around.

Combat pistols, that is, normal short-barreled firearms, would be much preferable. If it’s possible, even if you’re using it, it’s possible to keep it up.

For short, it’s possible to keep up with the firearms to the masses. Therefore, the next option is …

Smooth-bore firearms

Is clear clear clear clear clear clear clear clear clear clear clear clear clear clear clear clear It is our favorite shotgun.

A smooth-bore gun is not a bad help in defending a house, while being completely legal. However, it can be a terrible destructive power. Bullets – they win a little bit in range, but only quite a bit. It is a cone of expansion, or otherwise – scree.

There is a leverage on the leash of the ammunition. For survival – can be used for the same reasons.

Scatter shot “forgives” the shoal shooter in aiming, but only at close distance. For example, ammunition when shooting at flying birds.

It is a high accuracy and penetrating ability.

These deficiencies are devoid of …

Rifle firearms

Clarification – since it’s been a barrel, it’s a weapon that has been rifled since the barrel of the barrel.

It is a “cone-shaped” shape of the nozzle. It means that the rifling doesn’t have a ballistic rotation.

One more indisputable advantage of the rifled weapon. The caliber is slightly less than 600 grams while it is 50 caliber shells of the 12th caliber.

It would seem to be a rifled carbine.

It is a shooter, hunter or hunter or vyzhivalschiku. It is really a weaker and it really helps to “fill in the experience”. And only after the expiry of the 5-year period will it be possible to switch to a rifled one.

Therefore, just like a pistol, let’s leave it out. This is the best weapon for hunting, survival and self-defense.

Criteria for choosing a weapon

However, even with smooth-bore weapons, things are not so simple. You can’t take it anyway. It is better to choose a smooth-bore weapon for hunting, which you can, if anything, trust your life. The following factors.

Weapon weight

Ideally, the gunter should weigh no more than 1/22 of the hunter’s weight. It will be a very long time.

If it is less, it is more difficult to cope with the return. Or the weapon will not be powerful enough.

Balance and convenience

The balance of weapons and ergonomics is the quality of the individual. It is a dream. So you’ll keep it in your hands.

There is another way to get your guesses back then with a shotgun, then the gun is good. If you have to go on line, then think about it.


Click here for a shot. Turn it off and you should be comfortable.

So, when we decided to go there, go to the main question …

Survival and self-defense to choose?

Let’s clarify three points right away. First of all, we ask you to listen to fans of the rounds.

It is a small animal that has been bent on a large game.

Third, and most importantly, such weapons should be: a) simple, b) resistant to falling / getting dirt / clogged, etc., c) maintainable, and e) cheap.

Therefore, it is a long time ago.



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