First aid for alcohol overdose

It is a funeral effect of a combination of different drinks – the reasons may be different, but alcohol overdose – something that everyone can face in one form or another.

“Just sorting” and “get alcohol overdoseIt is not a problem.

How to distinguish overdose from mild poisoning?

There are various tips. alcohol overdose and how to help yourself. While often there intoxication and really dangerous – overdose. The truth is alcohol overdose, most often unable to help themselves. The following symptoms will occur:

  • Loss of coordination;
  • Vomiting;
  • Bouts;
  • Breathing or slowed breathing (less than 8 breaths per minute);
  • Bluish or pale skin;
  • Low body temperature;
  • Confusion, stupor, coma, inability to wake, faint;

Important! It is a condition that it can lead to an overdose of alcohol. Provide medical assistance!

Sometimes it can be a bit funny, it’s hard to tell you how much it’s possible Whatever the situation, you need to remember that alcohol overdose potentially fatal. Holiday, right?

First aid for alcohol overdose

It was clear that she had been able to make up her mind on the floor. to take the following actions:

  1. Quickly assess the condition of the patient. Check your pulse If you have been diagnosed with any of the above symptoms, proceed to the next item.
  2. Call an ambulance. Report a presumptive diagnosis.
  3. If the patient is conscious, keep him in a sitting position. Try to keep it in mind. So you can wait for the situation. Keep it dry and warm. The body must breathe. Monitor the condition and check for new symptoms. Downward the list
  4. If you’re on your side, you shouldn’t In the case of vomiting, it will save a person from death. For breathing difficult. Check your pulse from time to time. In the case of loss of pulse

Note. It is not necessary to make a case for a patient. The gag reflex is triggered by pressing the base of the tongue. It is necessary to alternate this process.
For these patients.

Prerogative of medical professionals.

Invalid actions for overdose

What is, contrary to popular belief, cannot be done with alcohol overdose:

  • The first. The most important. There are no “lie down, rest”, “sleep, it will pass by itself.” After such a rest, your friend may not wake up. Sleep at alcohol overdose contraindicated
  • Do not try to improve your well-being (yours or a friend’s) by drinking coffee. The body receives a double load. The cardiovascular system is particularly affected.
  • Try to “walk”. At alcohol overdose the body needs heat
  • No way to continue drinking alcohol.

Overdose alcohol represents a far greater danger than many assume. You can’t lead to irreparable consequences. It will help.

First aid for alcohol overdose

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