First aid for drowning – briefly about first aid

First aid for drowningIn the absence of the affected pulse, you need to do a heart massage. To do this, put one hand on the heart, the other – across it and make pressure with the whole body mass. If the weight of the resuscitator is much more than the victim, it is worth doing it with caution so as not to break his ribs. Four or five presses should be replaced by mechanical ventilation. If you managed to regain consciousness of the victim, you do not need to refuse the help of health workers, because there is a risk of recurring cardiac arrest. The victim needs to be warmed; actions on the use of drugs for the respiratory system (ammonia, caffeine or camphor subcutaneously) will also not interfere.

If there is a suspicion that the victim of drowning received any injuries, you should try to identify them without turning the person over. If the limbs have lost sensitivity, there is a high probability of spinal cord injury. The other most common injuries are the cranial and cervical vertebrae. The victim must be placed on a flat, solid surface without turning his head. If there is a risk of severe vomiting, gently turn the person to one side of the body, holding his head. The rest of the rescue should be taken by the emergency medical team.

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