First aid for injury

Where do you meet the road? The result is a deep wound and heavy bleeding. What are the urgent measures within first aid for injuries far from civilization must you have produced?

First aid for injuries with bleeding

1. Stop bleeding

Use a pressure bandage to stop bleeding. Take a gauze, bandage or your cleanest T-shirt, and push it hard enough on the wound. If possible, raise the wound above the level of the heart. At least 10 minutes. If you don’t mind the bleeding, do not stop the bleeding?

Extreme measure:
If you are ready to sacrifice your life

Professional tools: “A pair of 2-inch and 4-inch pads from ABD (Army Battle Dressing) is all you need. – says Todd Schimelpfenig, director of curriculum for the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute, “If they aren’t enough, use extra clothes.”

2. Clean the wound

Bacterial infection with a bacterial infection. Prevent this way to avoid improvised pressure bandage. Wash the wound with clean drinking water. Scattering water from the deep wound.

Extreme measure:
There is no clean drinking water at hand? If you are in a group: If you are alone, you can check the water around – streams, springs, etc.

Professional tools: Take a pair of rubber gloves. Also, take a plastic syringe for washing. You can also use your phone to keep it cool.

3. Assess the damage to the skin

Deep wound? Leave the stitches to a professional. After cleaning the wound, it is necessary to clean the wound edges.

When it comes out, it will bother you, because it will be a great risk of infection. Do not cover the wound.

Extreme measure:
It can be used for skin care. Otherwise, there is a risk of infection. You can use the Dermabond (approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Administration),

Professional tools: apply it, apply it, apply it.

4. Bandage the wound

Rinse the wound, then apply a moistened lining (pad of IPP, gauze, etc.). Use antibiotic ointment if you have one. Tie the top with a dry dressing. If you’re a little bit more away

Watch for signs of infection. It is a wrinkle. If you can find signs of infection, try as much as possible, because you can die from sepsis (infection, including blood) after 6 hours.

Extreme measure:
If you have dirty clothes with you, boil it. If there is a bandage, tampons, tampons and other things you can use.

Professional tools: Put antibiotics in the first-aid kit (for your prescription for ciprofloxacin and azithromycin). They will help slow down the infection with many infections.

Prevent shock

Maintain a normal blood supply.

After stopping bleeding, expect shock from blood loss. Symptoms: weakness, intermittent pulse; gray, cold and sticky skin; nausea; weak breathing

If you’re around 20-25 cm above body level, make sure you’re drinking it. It doesn’t have to be in the case of vomiting.

Key first aid skill: Close the wound

If you haven’t been cleaned, you’ll grab another 2.5 centimeters.

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