First aid for sleeping pills poisoning, causes and symptoms of sleeping pills poisoning.

In case of poisoning with any medication, including sleeping pills, medical assistance is necessary, since even harmless drugs can cause allergic, paradoxical reactions in the victim. Poisoning with potent, toxic and toxic drugs requires intensive care, resuscitation and the introduction of antidotes. 

First aid for sleeping pills, causes and symptoms of sleeping pills.

Drug poisoning more often occurs in children when storing drugs in an accessible place for them. The reasons may also be the use of toxic and toxic drugs in a higher dosage than prescribed by the doctor, the intentional use of a large number of drugs in suicidal attempts. Sometimes poisoning is associated with the erroneous use of the drug. They mixed up the name, transferred the tablets to another container.

, body temperature first decreases, and subsequently rise. Gradually, the depth of sleep increases and the state of anesthesia develops – all types of sensitivity, reflexes disappear, the amount of urine excreted decreases. Breathing becomes irregular, then it stops.

First aid for sleeping pills.

Rinse the stomach with a probe or artificially induce a vomiting reflex with a warm 0.9% sodium chloride solution with the addition of 1-2% sodium bicarbonate solution (at home, you can use table salt and baking soda in a ratio of 2 tsp. 1 liter of water). At the end of gastric lavage, activated charcoal should be added to the washing fluid (crush 2-3 tablets).

At the end of the procedure, inject a saline laxative (15-30 g of sodium sulfate) before removing the probe. If the gastric lavage was carried out without a probe, then the laxative simply give a drink.

In case of cardiac abnormalities, cardiac glycosides are administered (1 ml of 0.025% strophanthin solution or 0.06% corglycon solution), with respiratory failure – respiratory analeptics (2-5 ml of 0.5% bemegrid solution or 1 ml of 1% phenylephidrine solution), lowering blood pressure – drugs that increase the tone of blood vessels (1 ml of cordiamine or 10% caffeine solution). Glucocorticosteroids (prednisone) are used..

In a hospital, detoxification therapy is carried out in the regime of forced diuresis. Medicinal solutions are administered intravenously with the simultaneous use of a diuretic – mannitol. In severe cases, hemodialysis is indicated (hardware clarification of the blood).

Based on the book “Quick help in emergency situations”.
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