First Aid for the Victim: Heimlich Acceptance and Conicotomy

There are various unpleasant situations. It doesn’t work. Or pull others. Therefore, knowledge and first-aid skills are what should not be. Especially those that may be needed at any time. Such as, Heimlich’s reception.

For those who don’t know what to do. Often, by the way, it is a person who wants to be a smartphone, hurries, creates a situation. And then how it goes.

If the victim is actively coughing – this is good. So you can not rush and think. If there is no cough, then there is no need for it. At least the same Heimlich’s reception conduct. As a maximum – conicotomy. I’ll tell you too.

Heimlich Reception

But even after effective Heimlich’s reception seek patient attention. Purely just in case – you never know what.


If a Heimlich’s reception It’s a bit like a con ot ance, a conicotomy.

The medicine

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