First aid in case of a traffic accident, accident, action before the arrival of an ambulance.

No one is safe from troubles on the road. Everyone can get into an accident or witness such an accident. Saving the lives of victims of a traffic accident largely depends on the ability of other road users to provide emergency medical care. According to the traffic police in Ukraine, at least one accident occurs every 20 minutes, and during the day 10-13 people die as a result of such incidents and another 100 get injured. 

First aid for a traffic accident, accident, action before the arrival of an ambulance.

One of the main aspects of preserving the life of a victim in an accident is the provision of emergency medical care. Driving drivers or witnesses to traffic accidents who have the basic skills to provide such assistance can save lives.

Rate the situation.

Once at the scene of a traffic accident, you must correctly assess the situation and determine whether you can provide medical assistance. If the accident is caused by fire, chemical contamination (and similar situations that pose a danger to everyone around), the provision of medical care should be abandoned. You risk becoming a victim yourself.

, if not breathing, tilt your head slightly back and raise your chin.

4. Does not breathe carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation immediately, using a complete set from a first-aid kit (valve pack, breathing mask), if the victim has a pulse and breathing, continue to monitor him until the ambulance arrives.

Call an ambulance in a traffic accident.

Call an ambulance by phone 103. In the process of communicating with the dispatcher.

Calmly and carefully listen to the dispatcher’s questions.
Clearly answer dispatcher questions.
Be prepared to follow the instructions of the dispatcher.

Ambulance dispatcher conducts an initial survey with a subscriber.

Where (address, scene).
What (identify the main problem for the timely dispatch of the appropriate ambulance team).
How (cause of injury, in particular due to accident).
Who (patient identification by age and gender).

The information that the dispatcher receives from you forms the basis for sending the appropriate brigade in the event of a traffic accident. For example, a brigade with special equipment for cardiopulmonary resuscitation is sent to the victim unconscious.

If during a traffic accident there are victims with visible injuries or in an unconscious state, personal safety must be taken care of. Infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS, HIV infection, hepatitis A, B, C in Ukraine have become extremely widespread, so doctors teach all victims to be regarded as potentially dangerous, so before you begin, you must wear rubber gloves.

True, they are not always of high quality and of the right size, so vehicle owners must take care of the right gloves themselves. If the victim has bleeding, it is necessary to stop him as soon as possible. Such help should be provided first of all, since with the loss of blood from 1 liter or more people die. In case of loss of consciousness and respiratory arrest (cardiac arrest), cardiopulmonary resuscitation should begin immediately with indirect heart massage and artificial respiration. Many aspects of emergency medical care require more detailed knowledge, the most important of which are: indirect heart massage, applying a tourniquet, fixation of fractures, etc..

Traffic Accident Assistance Algorithm.

Inspection of the scene.

Coincide and calm down.
Assess hazards for you and others.
Determine the number of victims and their possible damage.

Call the Ambulance Brigade (phone 103).

Report the place of the accident, the reason and the number of victims.
Report a hazard that may occur additionally.

Actions before the ambulance arrives.

If possible, install warning signs to block or avoid the scene. Lock the vehicle, turn off the engine (if it is still running).
Take a first-aid kit.
Identify the victims in the most serious condition. These are not those who shout, but those who are silent. They need help first.
Try to determine if one of the victims drank alcohol. It reduces pain.

What cannot be done in case of a traffic accident.

Leave the victim without help.
Try to water the victim with water.
Spray water on the victim’s face.
Try to place a seriously injured person in a sitting position.
Trying to revive the victim by patting him in the face.
Hope that the victim, whose heart has stopped, will regain consciousness.

Based on the materials of the SAI Ukrainian Medical Center for Road Safety.
Julius Maksimchuk.

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