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Any exit on the nature. Especially for urban residents who are not very accustomed to such conditions. Hence the increased risk of various injuries, rubbing calluses and sprains. It can be darkened by such unpleasantness as food poisoning. Therefore, if you don’t have a real nonsense. It is a calculating food supplies. It is not a problem.

Injuries and Abrasions

Perhaps the most important problem in nature. Slipped, fell, got up – op-pa, earned a bruise. And in the wild, it could be dangerous for infectious diseases, such as tetanus. Conclusion – should be treated with an antiseptic and sealed with a plaster to avoid. So, you need a vial of ioditserine, a thin plaster, a wrap of adhesive and a bandage. The bandage, in addition, is perfect for applying dressings for tendon sprains. Paper napkins and scissors will not be superfluous. Plasters will also be useful against corns, because inexperienced tourists may have problems with the selection of shoes. Traumel C must be present. Undoubtedly, the best gel in this area. And no, we were not paid for its advertising. ??

Burns and bites

A bonfire is fine, but it is fine. It is a panthenol that has been given to the treatment of burns. But it is not necessary to immediately apply it to the burned area. You can also use a lifesaver. It also helps with mosquito bites. By the way. The mosquito is repellent, it is also a sunscreen.

Food poisoning

They are much easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, carefully inspect the food before eating. The product is damaged. It must be injected for a few minutes. Food poisoning is described in the article. In addition, you can come to the banal indigestion and nausea – metaclopramide, loperamide and no-spa.


The already mentioned, the campaign is a very traumatic phenomenon. It doesn’t require hospitalization, then it’s necessary to behave quite differently. It can be used for example, Ketanov or Nimesulide. Sometimes it can be a bit more dangerous. It brings it down. So take paracetamol. It is useful in some other cases, it can be taken by the ACC, mucolytic acid. The colds are cleaned. Echinacea tincture … will take say say say say

Eye injuries

Yes, this is possible. Pushing an eye on a branch is easier than ever. Severe cases, of course, need to be treated in a hospital, but it will still come in handy. It is also a non-standard method. It is unlikely that pinch, and it’s not necessary.


Plant pollen, bee stings, dandruff running through the hedgehog – if it is a severe case, then you need hospitalization. Clarify or aleron tablets and dexamethasone in ampoules. Yes, it is in the ampoules, since it is works much faster. And once the ampoules, and need syringes. Five syringes of five milliliters each will suffice.

In addition, it is necessary to remove the splinters, it is necessary to determine the temperature; strong thread with a needle – just in case. That’s all. Although not. It can be a campaign for people who suffer from various chronic diseases. Therefore, each such comrade must be warned. This applies to asthma inhalers, heart medications for those who need it, etc.

The list of course can not be supplemented – only here. However, it’s not a problem. This may require preparatory testing and equipment testing. But the truth is, it is much easier to prevent it. If it is supposed to spend the night. It was worth it. Seriously. It is better to take care of the situation.

And strictly speaking, summarize the writing. So,

First Aid Kit

  • From injuries: Yodditserin / iodine, peroxide, antiseptic; Traumel C; patch; bandage; scissors; napkins.
  • Burns: Panthenol / Lifeguard.
  • From food poisoning: activated carbon / Enterosgel; no-shpa / equivalents
  • For fractures: elastic bandage; Nimesulide / Ketanov; paracetamol.
  • For colds: mucolytics; cold spray; something to enhance immunity.
  • Eye injuries: chloramphenicol / sulfacyl in drops.
  • Allergies: Aleron / Claritin / Dexamethasone in ampoules; syringes.
  • Optional: tweezers; thermometer; a remedy for mosquitoes and ticks; individual medications.

Evacuation from the city. Also, in certain cases, you may need a special first aid kit for travel. at the shooting range or on the hunt.

Ready kits

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