First Aid Kit for hunting or shooting range

The weapon shoots, the knives cut, and the trouble occurs. But makes it possible. It is quite obvious thought – there should be a first aid kit next to the weapon. In addition, it must include an independent dressing kit.

What means dressing? This is a wounded or a major cut. Slip, ricochet, random shot, error while cutting the carcass.

What means independent? It is convenient to use it throughout the backpack.

What should be your first-aid kit?

It’s not a problem. It is sufficient to help you (one count several pellets for one wound).

What will be the contents of the kit?

To wear a set:

  • plastic bag on the ziplock latch (possibly also a separate pouch for the ziplock bag),
  • There is a cap on the bottom of the tourniquet application. iodine, small scratches.

For cutting clothes injured:

  • rescue knife-stroporez or traumatic scissors, although it can be a skinner-finisher, of course.

For of protection assisting and his assistant:

  • gloves, two pairs (latex, nitrile, or what will turn up there).

For bandaging penetrating injuries in the muscles:

  • bandages, at least two (you can use regular sterile gauze, if possible – more sophisticated),
  • fixing bandage (kerchief-bandana, “coban”, elastic bandage) or roll of non-woven adhesive plaster,
  • wipes, at least two (sterile gauze to collagen and hemostatic).

For stopping severe bleeding arterial-looking muscle:

  • swirl harness (any of the modern – SOFTT, CAT, etc.),
  • hemostatic sponge.

For bandaging injuries to the chest, the wound breathe with difficulty:

  • If there is a possibility of special dressing, it is possible to wear a plastic shell.

It can be used for a group of people who know what the kit is. But if there is such a person LasDay.Club. Although it’s possible to make a decision, it’s important to make a decision.


  • ointment for scuffing, stretching, etc. (rubbed with clothes, shoes, a backpack),
  • drops in the eyes (dust, pollen, powder particles, wool),
  • from diarrhea (eaten / drunk a lot, unusual food, raw water),
  • headache (ride, noise, change of setting),
  • allergies (insect bites, pollen, food),
  • bactericidal adhesive plasters (both high-strength and adhesive, and breathable),
  • repellent (preferably more det).

First Aid Kit for hunting or shooting range

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