Fish soup in a cauldron: how to cook a really tasty fish soup?

Probably not a single dish is cooked so often on vacation as fish soup. Especially without it, no outbound fishing is complete. It is so pleasant to drink warm nutritious soup after an active day in the open nature. And, of course, the ear on the fire is much tastier and more aromatic than cooked at home.

  • A few words about the choice of dishes and fire
  • 2How to cook the soup on the fire: the choice of ingredients
  • 3How to cook the soup on the fire: a step by step recipe
  • 4Little Tricks and Features

A few words about the choice of dishes and fire

When choosing dishes it is best to turn your attention to special camping bowlers. It is convenient to install them on a fire due to a special handle that can be hung on a self-made support. The material of the dishes should be from non-oxidizing species. To do this, suitable cast iron, enameled pots or stainless steel vessels. Cast iron is preferred, since its thick walls will allow it to languish rather than boil. This process will give the finished dish a special flavor.

Not suitable for cooking dishes dishes made of aluminum or copper. They can distort the true taste of fish soup.

For cooking soup, it is better to use dishes made of cast iron.The most convenient option is to use a special metal tripod, but if it is not possible to find it, you can build a support for the pot of 3 thick branches: 2 digging into the ground, and the third becomes the crossbar between them.

The fire is ignited as standard, but there is one nuance. The fire for soup in a cauldron on a fire should be such that the soup only boils slightly, and does not gurgle with all its strength. To do this, it is better to have large firewood or logs at hand, which will allow time to curb the fire, if necessary.

How to cook the soup on the fire: the choice of ingredients

In order to get a tasty fish soup, it’s not enough to know just how to cook it, because it’s important and responsible to choose the ingredients. All of them must be fresh and in the proportions indicated in the recipe. Otherwise, the output can be obtained ordinary vegetable soup with a barely listening to the taste of fish.

To prepare a tasty fish soup, you can use several types of fish at once.Main ingredients:

  • Fish – 1-1.5 kg. You can take any, it is quite possible to use several types at once. It is believed that the most delicious option is obtained from pike, zander or perch. The fresher the fish, the better;
  • Potato – 3-4 medium pieces;
  • Onions – 1 pc;
  • Carrots – 2 pieces;
  • Water – 2-3 liters;
  • Greens and seasonings to taste.

It is better not to use cereal for cooking soup, it will turn it into ordinary soup. Vegetables also should not be too much.

It is better not to use cereal for cooking soup, it will turn it into ordinary soup. Vegetables also should not be too much.

How to cook the ear on the fire: a step by step recipe

Recipes soup on the fire can be different. Some of them involve the use of wheat, bacon and even tomatoes. But for the first time it is better to use the basic recipe, which requires the presence of fish and the simplest vegetables.

Small fish can be put entirely in the earCooking process:

  1. Add boiled and chopped large potatoes to boiled salted water. Wait for the boil again, taking off the forming foam in time;
  2. Add sliced ​​carrots. In no case should not rub it on the grater. Coarsely chopped vegetables – zest of fish soup;
  3. Together with carrots in the soup, you can drop a whole onion. Cut it is not necessary, it is necessary only to add flavor. After cooking, it can be removed from the pan;
  4. When the vegetables are almost ready, you can add peeled fish. It is prepared quickly, so it makes no sense to put it earlier, it will simply fall apart. Small species can be cast as a whole, and if it is large enough, it is worth splitting into several parts;
  5. As soon as the ear begins to boil, it is necessary to remove the foam, if it has formed, and add your favorite vegetables and herbs;
  6. It remains to wait for the readiness of the fish. This will take no more than 5-8 minutes. The ear is ready, you can remove it from the heat, cover with a lid and let it stand for a while.

10 minutes after removing from heat, you can pour the soup into plates. A good ear does not require additional components, it is enough to cut fresh white bread to it.

Tips and Tricks

In order for the ear on the fire to be as tasty as possible, you can listen to the following tips:

  • During cooking, it is better not to cover the pan. It should be done only after the end of the process in order to give the soup to reach the perfect consistency;
  • It is believed that the best water for fish soup will be the one from which the fish were caught. But since the level of contamination of water bodies is currently quite high, it is better not to risk it;
  • The amount of water must be considered at the very beginning of preparation, since it is undesirable during the process, as is adding oil to the broth;
  • The number of vegetables and spices should not be large, as they can easily kill the fishy taste;
  • Such parts of the fish, as milk, caviar, swim bladders, should not be thrown away during cleaning. They are quite appropriate in the soup.

If you take a responsible approach to the choice of ingredients and the preparation process, the prepared ear will not leave anyone indifferent.

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