Fishing: 4 most effective fish traps

The fish will remain an effective tool for survival. The fishing rod is waiting for bites. For example, it’s not a problem. But passive fishing is another matter.

It is minimally established. fish trap, added bait and went about his business. After some time I returned – I collected the catch. Saves a lot of time and effort, however. It is one of the difficulties. That’s about it.

Traps for fish can be divided into portable and stationary. Stationary – this is when it is a shallow river, or even completely blocks it. Understandably, it requires a large amount of work both during construction and during installation. But once built, it can bring a stable catch every day, which is especially useful for stationary survival. With portable traps, everything is much simpler, but they need to produce less prey.

Portable fish traps

They are also called vertices. The principle of operation of these fish traps is simple. Something edible is located near the shore. The fish swims inside and can not swim back, because it is suddenly difficult to access. In fish, there are holes in them, because they are in a confined space, they’re for the exit. After that, the catch is taken out.

We need thin branches It can be additionally used to fix the nodes. First we make the frame. I need 4 longner poles and 4-5 thinner poles, They need to be assembled, open on one side. It is impossible to leave through the improvised cells. If you’re getting a bit bigger, then you’ll be able to get out.

With the exit. You can gently bend the neckline inside the neckline. This is a weaken the structure. You can still choose poles with lateral processes, which will be a funnel. The size of the whole structure should not be about a meter.

There are also other design options. traps for fish. It is a plastic bottle. Exactly the same funnel, exactly the same verse. Only small. You can find a hollow log for you, and you can find it. But still, it is a strong, roomy and quite comfortable.

Stationary trap with blocking

This is the same as that of ordinary verses. The difference is only in scale. Such traps usually completely block small rivers, completely controlling the movement of fish along it. They consist of two parts – the wall and the two sides of the funnel. It can’t get out of the pen. Here are various nets, fabric cuts and small nets will do.

There are several options for the construction of partitions. The simplest is the poker fence. It is clear that there is a lot to do. The depth. It is often settled on shallow rivers, since weaving it up

Stationary dam traps

More difficult option fish traps because it’s the water level and the water level It will rise even a meter. It is already a dam. You can proceed. It is clear that the water has flown down. The little fish can remain out and the big fish remain.

Stationary trap with side branch

There are two options. It is a process that leads to the formation of a pathway. Both options are very effective, especially for deep rivers, which are difficult to block completely. It looks like the construction of these fish traps in the following way.

This is the way to set the flow rate. From the inside, it can be blocked in this case. And then it remains to catch fish from the pen. If you want to make it easier, you can do it.

You can also use the option with an artificial channel. It goes down to the bottom of the hole. We drive the fish into the canal, after which we overlap the filling entrance. Can be collected from the bottom.

All of these options are quite effective, but require very much labor costs at the construction stage. Therefore, you can’t plan to leave the territory anywhere. In addition, it is not very active.

Fishing: 4 most effective fish traps

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