Fishing: Basics of fishing on the donk

It is not only a hobby for survival. But it is not necessary to move. It is also a way of running around the river bank. But there is a third option – fishing at the bottom.

It is quite simple, because it is not so easy. Even hooking fish is not necessary – fishing at the bottom focused on self-subdividing mining. You can understand that Ideally, it looks like that. But in practice, everything is much more complicated. So.

Main feature fishing on a donk, ALWAYS lies on the bottom. This is where you can get it from there. It is a water driftwood. In depth, it’s losing the sinker’s depth. This is not a surprise, but it is not a surprise.

Depending on the type of formula, it is divided into the following types:

Classic donka

The easiest option. The weight of the rod. In the second case, it doesn’t exceed the amount allowed for the fishing rod. We already wrote about something like this. In the first version, it will be possible only when pulling out the booty.

Nevertheless, the classic donks also come in several forms:

  • with sliding weight. There are no limits on how many people can travel.
  • with counter twist. Tangling leads to casting. The sliding bent tube with stoppers is installed on the fishing pole. This is a sinker (if necessary). The tangling of the leads is reduced. It increases the weight
  • with deaf fastening. Massive sinker at the bottom of the line. The most primitive option.


Hybrid float fishing and Donkey. That is, the float signals changes. The depth of the bottom line is However, it is possible to make But, unfortunately, fishing is far from the shore. It is not necessary to make a statement.catching a knock“.

Running gear

Forwarding the bait to the flow slowly. Great for fishing on a donk It is easier than ever to predatory fish, but it is completely unacceptable. For example, cylindrical. It should be noted that there is In short, the method is extremely demanding.

Donka with shock absorber

Honestly I say – you can think of. What’s the point. There is a great deal of fishing line that can be pulled out. There is a fishing line with a number of leashes. And there is a rubber shock absorber connecting the sinker. If you pull out of the hooks, you can get out of the water. .

There are no problems with a hook. More and you can lure aiming. Such fishing at the bottom It usually lasts for a long time. It should be taken for a long time. There should also be a reliable attachment, because if something breaks it will fly into you. And this is fraught with injury. Plus, it will be a boat that will greatly facilitate the installation of a massive sinker.

But if there is no boat – not scary. As a sinker, you can’t lose it. That is, yes, you can pull out the shock absorber.

Donka with a feeder

In the case of the above-mentioned species of donocs, there is no doubt that it’s not. It’s just that some fish are peck better. A design of the feeders just provides a quick release of the bait into the surrounding water. But, of course, on rivers with strong currents, this method fishing on a donk it works badly.

Summarizing. At fishing for a donk always need to carefully examine the reservoir. It is not necessary to make it possible to make it impossible to use it. If you want to take it out on the sinker, it will take you a chance to take it out. Save the line with hooks. You can make it yourself.

Consider that it has been the best way to do it. Also, begin to twitch the signal line. So you will quickly respond to the possible bite.

Fishing: Basics of fishing on the donk

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