Fishing: Pike, its features, habits, fishing and cooking

Fishing – It’s not always a funeral time, but it’s not a good idea. Effective, but very difficult. This is a catching fish for example, pike.

general information

Pike – predatory fish of the pike family. Length up to 1.5m, weight up to 40kg (usually up to 1m and up to 5-12kg). The body is torpedo-shaped, the head is large, the mouth is wide. The color is gray-greenish or gray-brown, the back is darker, and the sides are transverse stripes. Unpaired fins are yellowish-gray, brown with dark spots; paired – orange. Eurasia and North America. It may even be caught in the desalinated areas of the northern seas. It is not grown in fish farms, it is not grown in fish farms. Very effective pike “Sanitary” functions are performed.

Pike one of the first freshwater fish to spawn. Ikromet begins at a water temperature of 3-5 degrees Celsius. Spawning in March-April, and in the northern regions – in May. Spawning ground is located in the shallows, in the thickets of reeds, sedges, bushes. The depth of the ground is no more than 2 meters. About one female usually follows several males. For spawn fish rubbed. The breeding period lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. Puberty pike reaches 2-4 years of age. Life expectancy up to 30 years. It should be considered a fiction. Although anglers love such stories very much.

Features of pike fishing

Pike occupies some waters in rivers and lakes. If a smaller fish leaves its place. Pike in the grass, in the snags, near the shore. He likes to hunt from ambush. Therefore, it can be hide. This may be any unevenness of the bottom, differences in depths. Pike It is clear that the water has flown down. Fallen trees, leaning bushes pike. Note that pike attacks horizon horizon.

Since the first days of life, pike Leads a predatory way of life. She grabs. With a lack of feed, pike eats frogs, worms, crayfish, as well as cannibalism.

Best months for fishing: April, May, June, August, September, October. In the spring, small individuals come across a worm, a leech. Summer pike pecks as bait bait, gudgeon, roach, perch. A small individual in 2-4 kg can swallow fish from 200g to 1kg in size. Among the artificial bait in the open water are effective: blades, wobblers, silicone fish.

Features cooking pike

Of course, we do not just catch fish for sporting interest. Let them do it in the west. Although, you can see the ability to indulge in forces with a hefty predator is expensive. But more about that some other time. So, pike. In some countries, considered a delicacy. In Russia, it was possible to find it. Yeah, the film “Ivan Vasilyevich is not a real dish. Pretty tasty, as they say.

By the way. It is worth remembering that pike, It can be contaminated with various parasites. Therefore, there is a need for medical care and medical care. Otherwise – wait for extremely unpleasant guests. Well, we warned you.

Meat pike very dense, bony, and most like predators, has a specific smell. Simply put – gives a bit of mud. However, very tasty and dietary. Therefore, most often the fish is boiled or allowed on the ear. Do not save on spices. If you’re going pike bake, then try to create her most juicy conditions. Oven, foil and baking sheet with a sauce – perfect. It is not necessary to keep it dry. You can also make stuff bones. As for the stuffed whole pike, It will be difficult to cope with bones.

P.S. I urge the fishermen to ensure that they are catching the fish. Since never number recovered. Take care of nature and resources.

Food extraction

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