Fishing without a fishing rod

It is sometimes difficult to get food for you. But if there is a reservoir nearby – then the chances of remaining full are greatly increased. It doesn’t matter. There are several ways of fishing.

The easiest way hand fishing. It is not strong. But for this kind of fishing agility and reaction.

It should be noted. It is better to fish with fish in the afternoon. This water is warming enough. Where you saw the fish. If there are any trees in the pond, there is a lot of water. It is a water cannabis pathway that grows in the water. You need to walk 2-3 meters away from it. In muddy water, fish will not be able to see your hands. Also, fish should not appear shortly after a swelling downstream. After all, along the bottom will rise food insect larvae. If you are trying to catch fish in the mud. For your 20-25 centimeters and feel all around.

The second most simple way is catching. spear (spear). So the fish was caught from time immemorial by our ancestors. All you need is a knife of medium thickness. It will be recommended that you make it a lot more fun. This is where the water will be.

It is possible to make it as clear as possible. If you have a flashlight or torch. Intensive approach to source. You can fish for you at dawn or after sunset, you can notice it.

If you have on hand plastic bottle, this also increases your chances of catching fish. For example, by pressing it down with a stone. It is advisable to put the bait in it. Due to physiological characteristics, the fish will not be able to swim back out of the bottle. It depends on how you say so much.

Food extraction

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