Five days in a single cell phone

The show “In Solitary” is the antisocial brainchild of the British Channel 5, which is like that. In the comfort of a solitary cell.

It was not a torture for five days. The condition was exactly one thing: complete loneliness, do what you want. The first victim of the experiment

It is not clear that there is a chance for people to live on the Internet. The little space of the information space?

Participants are not electronic gadgets.

Future nurse, 28 year old Charmaine, I just wanted to check my endurance, volitional qualities. Will I Be Able To Stay Away? 4 hours after the start.

According to Sharmain, it was seized with panic attacks. It was not a case for an experiment. She pressed the “rescue button” in despair, because she was realized. And it’s hard to blame her.

TV host George he had a nervous breakdown. In the cell, it is completely artificial.

It is a silly torture.

Internet addicted blogger Lloyd, he spent all five days. He was getting a little shocking.

Oddly enough, 36-year-old single mother Sarah, to be sick. It was a voluntary decision and left it alone. The woman simply weakened.

Came Lucy – It is a blogger of personal items. It has been a lot of fun to do it. She did not experience experience in comparison with other participants, although she was still not a test.

What was the conclusion of the experiment? The organizers left it at the discretion of the audience. Obviously, they are not completely aware of this.

And then it is time to ask people who need to spend time on society?

A source

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