Perhaps the hottest debates in the rescue community go to the topic “sit on your ass exactly“or”go far awayIf suddenly that. The argument is clear. You can also find your own opinion on this.

There are no hypothetical situations.

Five reasons to sit out at home

  1. If you live in a rural or suburban area, you have your own home. It is packed with all necessary, sufficiently protected. Obviously, there is no reason to leave it. City dwellers will be in your direction. Can take up defense in the house. As an option, no one forbids you to leave, in which case.
  2. If you have everything you need to do. But if you can’t stay at home is suicide. If you’re a small farm, for example, you can hold out for an arbitrarily long time.
  3. It is better to stay in the house. The reasons are obvious. Leaving, in fact, into children, at risk. Everyone probably saw the news about the refugees and the dead children.
  4. If you just have nowhere to go. Outside the city where you go. However, even in this situation, keep the house alarm suitcase, you never know what.
  5. If you do not have good survival skills in wild nature. Make it a fire, find a food, build a shelter. You will not last long. Plus, there are many survivors – theorists who have been backpacking in the forest. It can be a lot of water.

Five reasons to leave the city or home

  1. If you have a semblance within a radius of 100-150 kilometers shelters, country house or something like that. Some live in the city, for example. This is a clear plan of action – leave.
  2. If simply there is no choice. It is critical and incompatible with life. For example, the city began to bomb. It will stop the same.
  3. If you have a good prepared car. You can repair your car, it’s even a spare vehicle. Survival mobile. Get behind the wheel and drive away.
  4. Catastrophe of the global or local transport system. For example, an avalanche blocked by route to your town. Will become empty instantly. You can’t no longer get anywhere.
  5. If there were rumors … This is where you go. You can take a vacation at work, just in case. If this is a false alarm, you don’t really lose anything. But if you confirm your concern, you will be safe.


You ask, so which option to choose? What to prepare for? Be prepared for both hands always. There you can correct it. Look at the situation.

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