FKMD Extreme Tactical Kukri: tactical kukri for fierce gardeners

In general, I fell in love with this knife about 9 years ago. I saw it then in “Soldier of Fortune”, held it in my hands, and I understood – that’s it! My. To purchase FKMD Extreme Tactical Kukri then it was only the fact that the purse state did not correspond to the spiritual impulse. Then for a long time the “tactical kukri” did not appear on sale, and finally it coincided.

Tactical Kukri TTX FKMD Extreme Tactical Kukri

Kukri is that universal knife. And combat and bivouac. In general, it can be called a good option for a survival knife. You can cut, you can chop, you can dig. You can do anything at all if you have this knife – the only thing that is at hand.

Steel arms

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