FKMD Specwog Warrior Combat Knife

FKMD Specwog Warrior Combat Knife – such a difficult name, let’s be honest. And the knife itself is very specific in form. Pistol Grip, complex blade geometry. To immediately cut off all left-wing questions and ridiculous comments – this is a knife for purely military purposes. It is not very convenient to carry out economic functions (no, of course you can, but this is not the most convenient option, but it is possible).

The author of the knife is Dean Rostokhar, a Serbian knife fight instructor for special forces and all that stuff. Personality is in principle very well known in certain circles. Despite the fact that a citizen enthusiastically presents the “author’s system” of knife fighting, which, in fact, invented his own krakozyabra, any more or less attentive person familiar with the world of knife fighting (even theoretically) will see the usual Philippine knife fight, with the addition of techniques from the usual police handwriting. And indeed, the same Doug Markaid shows almost the same thing, but, IMHO, much better, and, to be honest, spectacular. That is, the system is very sensible, but in the right hands. Well, the author is so far as.

Well, about the background told. You see, the combat knife is in fact logical, that is, all its wild geometry is justified by the tasks that it must perform. And one of the main tasks of the FKMD Specwog Warrior Combat Knife is to give an easy opportunity to realize the “power cut”. And just the same pistol grip and cutting edge geometry are oriented to this.

To perform a power cut on an ordinary knife, a person needs to “lean” the cutting edge on the enemy, and in addition apply physical force to the knife itself. Immediately, thanks to a specific grip, the power cut is obtained by itself, it is enough to get to the enemy. And the protrusion on the cutting edge of the knife provides a certain hook on the treated limb.

Yes, and the injection is also very powerful. The only thing that the FKMD Specwog Warrior Combat Knife inferior to the classics is in the striking distance. And the point is not that the knife itself is not very large, but because of the grip, we lose a few centimeters of length relative to the classic knife. That is, returning to the above, the knife is very skill-dependent. Well, however, this also applies to the classic kerambit – a cool thing, but very demanding of skill, requires getting used to and understanding the specifics.

TTH FKMD Specwog Warrior Combat Knife

  • Blade Material: Bohler N690
  • Hardness: 58-60 Hrc
  • Blade Profile: Hawkbill blade
  • Blade cross section: Flat Grind
  • Cutting edge: Plain
  • Blade coating: DLC coating
  • Handle: G-10
  • Handle mounting: Full Tang (full shank linings)
  • Sheath: Kydex®
  • Blade length: 115 mm
  • Knife length: 255 mm
  • Butt thickness: 6 mm
  • Weight: 335 gr

As for the knife itself … The knife is thorough, it can be seen from the performance characteristics. Do not get fooled by a photo without something close by, assessing the dimensions. In the photo, FKMD Specwog Warrior Combat Knife looks smaller than it actually is.

To be clear, in one of the photos I put it next to CS Recon Tanto, which is not the smallest and not the easiest knife. So, Specwog in size it is similar, and in weight it is HARDER by almost 80 grams.

For such a small knife, a 6 mm butt and 335 grams of weight is serious. In principle, it is possible to otkovyryat tank hatch – a combat knife will stand. Everything is done very thorough, the Italians know how to quality and reliability. With the N690, Fox has been working for a very long time, so no bad surprises are expected.

In his hand, the knife is very good – although after the classics the very feeling of the pistol grip is very unusual. The handle is made with a claim to anatomicality, but given that the knife itself is large, best of all it lies in a large hand. In my average it lies quite confidently, it does not slip anywhere, it does not turn around. But in order to be absolutely confident, you need a glove. In this case, the retention is very confident that on the forward side it is on the reverse grip (I remind you that the Specwog Warrior Combat Knife is extremely similar in technique to kerambits, therefore reverse grip on it is also a normal matter).

What cut that stab with a knife – a pleasure. And thanks to the massive handle and glass (which in fact is a shank, not covered with overlays), you can fuck the skull so that your opponent will remember for a long time.

Knife combat, because it is intended solely to cut people. Every peaceful thread turns on it much worse. Not for cucumbers invented it. And, again, I repeat, for my goals and objectives, the knife was invented and executed very intelligently and sensibly. As a reproach, he can only be put up with a clearly excessive margin of safety, and the fact that he was very weighty because of this.

It is natural that nothing backlash and not loose. DLC coating Fox has almost the best in class. Their same Tracker, which has been dragged along with me for six months, did not suffer any coverage. A hack, cut and prick this knife had a lot of things. They even dug. And the cover is still a little rubbed. No, of course, that if you rub it on bricks and cut rails, then the coating will come to the edge pretty quickly … And after it, the knife itself will follow. But there are no complaints about the quality. The processing of both metal and G-10 is at a very high level.

It is understandable why – the knife is not cheap. In our aspen, the average price tag for it is about 20 thousand rubles, which is a considerable price tag for such a specific and highly specialized thing. On the other hand, it is precisely due to this very specialization that the price tag also increases, because the mark-up goes not only for the brand, but also for the name of the instructor (Dean Rostokhar, as mentioned, the author and developer of the knife).

As for the scabbard – again, this is all Fox, because everything is very simple, very reliable and as varied as possible. Kaydeksa sheath, outwardly very simple, but because of vyshtampovki under the simple form of the blade does not expect that there will be such uznosnah. The mount comes at the expense of a perforated platform and two hard clips with great opportunities for adjusting the angle of inclination and attachment points. Although the belt, at least on the mall. The fastening system is very simple and convenient. You can customize as you like, here without any complaints. You can hang on the familiar and understandable text-box.

What is the result?

FKMD Specwog Warrior Combat Knife difficult to imagine as a household life. This combat knife is designed specifically for carving people. Knife under a certain technique. The knife is not cheap.

But at the same time, the knife is spectacular. The knife is effective. Knife quality and reliable. And in its knife is very beautiful.
As you understand, I cannot give an unequivocal consumer advice, it was a painfully specific product. But if you take, you definitely will not be disappointed.

P.S. There is also a folding version of this knife, called Specwog alfa. I did not see it alive and did not hold it in my hands. But after the “big brother”, I start thinking …

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