Flashlight as a weapon for self-defense

An excerpt (in abbreviation) from the book “Practical Guide to everyday equipment”

Rob robido: Express your opinion and thoughts on the topic the importance of using lanterns.

Dave spolding: I worked as a patrol for many years. Some time devoted to the fight against drugs. Searched for interiors
It seems that it’s not a problem. All these strobe applications, flashes, rolls and diving into rooms are much more sophisticated.

Rob: Let’s say someone walks along with his family. The bad guy comes out on the light. This one has a gun, maybe even a flashlight, maybe even near the shops. What should they do? It is not a threat.

DaveIt is a guise that it’s not a problem. See it is not visible. If you are a man, there is a darkness.

But it can be a bit more fun. It is not a good idea to give it a flashlight. He will only turn his head! It may blink, but then it will do something. So you have two, three, or five seconds to implement the backup plan. Light let win this time.

It is desirable to have some action ready. He didn’t want you. It will be possible to add your attention to the current situation. The lantern itself is a means of disorientation. It is not a weapon capable of incapacitating.

RobIn the case of a peacekeeping law, it’s .

Dave: Exactly.

RobI can’t say that I’m not really the best target.

Dave: Flashlight in hand – as a weapon in hand. It is ready to use. You are ready to act them. If you are in his pocket, or pouch, or somewhere else, you need to It doesn’t cause alarm. People don’t bother about him. “He has a flashlight, so what?”

Rob: It is socially acceptable.

Dave: You can hold it. “What is it in his hand?” It’s a flashlight. I just bought it. And if you need it – op! It is a rule that you can click on it. For this case. All this is a matter of thinking.

Rob: And besides, you take away one of his pillars from the attacker – stealth, sometimes not even intentionally. You go at night and highlight the shadows. You have a flashlight. Most likely, it’s a shine. It deprives the attacker of stealth. He realizes that it will not be able to get away without giving himself away.

Dave: Not necessarily formal, rather abstract. It gives you an advantage. The situation becomes better.

Rob: What else should be mentioned in low light conditions?

Dave: As with other equipment, it’s not worth it. Have a good flashlight you can rely on. Button doesn’t really perform many functions. Instant on / off pressing. Two different functions are implemented in two different ways. It is simple and obvious.

I need you to make one. It interferes in a stressful situation. Own a quality lantern that is easy to handle. Have a lot of lumens. How many lumens do you need? I think 70 and above is already good. Is 100 or 200 better? It is possible to make it possible to become stupid with this. Keep your priorities in mind.

I prefer a compact flashlight, giving out 100 lumens or so. Diode, that was resistant to falls. Easy to handle. Bright, easy to wear, easy to apply. Perfection in simplicity.

Flashlight as a weapon for self-defense

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