Flashlight as a weapon

You can play the flashlight.

If you’re a person with a pistol. Trying to get a flashlight. Bright light, pain, blindness for some time, circles in front of your eyes. Voila, you are a little helpless target, even with a machine gun in hand.

You can make a difference. It will take you some time to adapt. This time will be in your hands.

Improvised means of self-defense:

  • At least 120 lumens and a focused beam.
  • Shockproof glass that reliably protects the diodes.
  • Monolithic, ideally metal case, to use a flashlight as a shock weapon.
  • It provides a glimpse of flashlight.
  • Sufficient flashlight length for full grip. It should be noted that the flashlight should be
  • It should not be as compact as possible.
  • The flashlight is almost instantaneous.
  • It is a flashlight after it has been taken.

You can save your life.

Well, as an example, you can use a flashlight for such purposes: Surefire Y300 Ultra (500 lumens), Surefire E1D LED Defender (300 lumens).

Self defense

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