Flashlight – tactics of use

In the past decade, there has been a relatively significant cost for the lanterns. Hand in hand with technology, there are new ways for using old familiar objects.

Manufacturers began to make small light lanterns with a huge light traffic. Mostly they are in medium size. From heavy D-size batteries to AA and CR123. The new lights have convenient end buttons. LEDs and lights longer. Lights can adjust the brightness, act as a strobe.

It’s a good idea to have a patrolman.

Continuous lighting

There are cases where continuous lighting is good. It:

  • survey of persons involved in calls. What is a person, what is a person?
  • note taking
  • search for evidence or missing persons
  • adjustment of traffic after an accident

This is a case in point. At this point, you need to make it possible for you to In addition, to fight or flee.

In this situation, it is a paralyzing effect. It is a scaffolding. Continuous light also provides

To ensure that you have the greatest advantage. I mean that you need to suspect and his hands. Hands are used. Allowing to keep your hands open.

Some people advocate for the interior of the premises, where it is not profitable. This is where you can find the room. In addition, it is necessary to complete the inspection of the dark rooms.

If you’re an entertainer of the dark room, you have an advantage. The same technique can be used against employees.

Employees, practicing and practicing actions in the dark, can really feel the increased comfort. In a number of scenarios, darkness becomes our friend.

Drawing light

With a ray of light. Instead of pointing the wall in some general direction, imagine that you paint over the wall. It is painted evenly. This method can be used to degrade suspects.

Try to turn on the flashlight. But the movement is continuous. It provides a sus. It also comes down to the bottom of the wall.

Try it with fellow workers. Let them hide in a darkened room or corridor. It’s a simple way to determine your location. Not the exact place. It is very convenient to use around the corner.

It is a clear view that this is where you can make it. It is important to control where you are.

Lamp &# 8212; tactics of application. Part 1

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