Flashlight with backup battery ZeroHour XD

October. It gets darker than earlier. And the streets, in principle, too. It is not a flashlight. In this case, what can we offer? Led Lenser P7.2, for example, he is good. And Walther is also worth the attention. This time, however, we will present the third sample.

ZeroHour XD

This is a tactical flashlight. This is where you can find out about 420 meters at full power. In addition, the flashlight can charge the phone. However, all the tasty food can be seen in the table below.

Parameters lamp ZeroHour XD

Body material Aluminum 6061
Housing properties Shockproof, waterproof
Nest material Grade 304 steel
Maximum light power 1000 lumens
Modes 20 – 400 – 600 – 1000 lumens
Charge reserve 165-13.6-6.6-6.5 hours
Battery 10,000+ (3 x 3400mAh 18650)

The flashlight is produced: directional or diffuse. In the flashlight you can reach the maximum range of the light beam.

Two ports are available for recharging mobile devices. Port 1.5 for all devices, or for devices that like the iPad. It is a fact that it’s not a problem. model lacked an iPhone collection.

Well, that’s the last “bun”, which is worth mentioning.

Flashlight with backup battery ZeroHour XD

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