Flint Bear Grylls Ultimate Firestarter vs. Chinese bracelet

Often when I’m lost in abundance. AND flint – not an exception On the market, consumers are offered a large number of different lights. Different brands, kits and of course, additional functions, in addition to the main. What kind of flint to buy, which one is better? Now we will try to figure it out.

I didn’t find out what you’ve compared to the most expensive flint. Which one do you think is better? Find out if your guess is right.

And now everything is in order with a brief overview.

Flint Bear Grylls Ultimate Firestarter production Gerber, and paracord bracelet with “built-in” flint production China

Bear Grylls Ultimate Firestarter

Quality, brand – all this is very much felt. There is no need for an ordinary cotton wool coat. If necessary, you can shove more.

Everything is wonderful, afterwards and dead wood.

Paracord bracelet with flashing

What we have? We have about 4 meters of paracord and a buckle with a flint and a whistle. As ignition use the same wool.

“Cherky” movements, everything.

It was easier to keep track of the sparks. But both flies coped with the task absolutely equal. The airtight container, the paracord, the whistle, the sharpeners, the flashlights, your socks!

Total: that was what this friendship is about. It is a small difference in price. Survival – efficiency!

Flint Bear Grylls Ultimate Firestarter vs. Chinese bracelet

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