“Floating angle” and the CQB

Kill the little things. The smallest mistakes will lead to death. It was during the storming and rescue of the enemy. The situation is constantly changing.

However, it’s clearly a straightforward process (that is, the threat). Therefore, it is a “thin angle”, which is called a “floating angle” in the shelling sector.

The concept of the “floating angle” is that it is a complex adaptive system.

I used to teach this concept in boxing. One friend once asked for a boxing case? He sees perfectly, but he doesn’t even try to evade. However, my friend perceived boxing as a linear process, rather than a dynamic interaction of two opponents.

The essence of the movement. It’s a “engine” – it’s footwork, I’m not sure if I’m not afraid.

From the point of view of the observer, both boxers are constantly “float”, colliding to exchange blows. Rarely, they simply converge in a straight line. Prepare for a real sparring. A boxer must learn not to adapt. The enemy is quite another.

“Floating angle” and the shelling sector in the CQB

In CQB, the “floating angle” is most often obtained at the moment when the shooter moves. This is a technique that can be fatal.

2. During the regrouping (re-set)

It is clear that it’s not a problem.

3. During the assault

Undoubtedly, it is not a problem. It was a saddle when it came to the door. It comes to the whole world.

“Floating corners” can be more dangerous. Very often, it’s a clear idea of ​​the opponents.

Possible solutions

Although it is beyond the scope of this article, we still consider several options. The “Cuts the Cake” The Shooter is passing through the shooter.

It is a spiraling movement. Thus, it has been cleaned. It helps to solve many of the above problems.

In general, there are both pluses and minuses for each task. It’s always important to keep track of your choice of fire.

If you are interested, get a QC course. Believe me – this is a critical moment. I need to be a live opponent. And if you’re a couple of “bad guys.” It is not a battle. Just their techniques and skills are better.


The law of a law enforcement officer has been “floating angle”, it is safe.

Nathan Vager

* CQB means Close Quarters Battle and literally translates as “fire contact in confined spaces.” It is often used in Russian literature.

** “Cut the cake“Of course, it doesn’t mean that the shooter is going to have some delicious pastry. This is a direct translation of the term “cut the pie“or”slice the pie“This is a little bit more.”

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