FM 3-05.70: Survival Guide for the US Army

There are many articles, books, and resources about survival, but structured manuals quite a few. Stumbled upon this Survival Guide for the US Army and not finding a single full-fledged translation. In the process of translating and deepening the topic military survival There was no need for a copy of this information. manual All information is saved in a separate book.


You can go anywhere in the world being a soldier. You can get into the subtropics or the tropics, the arctic or subarctic region. It seems that all equipment and combat units will be with you anywhere. However, there are no guarantees. You can be completely alone equipment. This survival manual situation, it contains stay alive in any situation.

If you are survival trainer – Use this information as a basis for survival training. You should be aware of the areas of your unit, the methods of movement and the area of ​​action. Read this guide says about survival in those areas and find out all about them. Read other books and survival aids. Develop a training program. Play the role.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Survival Tactics
Chapter 2. The Psychology of Survival
Chapter 3. Survival Planning and NAMs
Chapter 4. Basics of field medicine
Chapter 5. Refugees
Chapter 6. Water Supply
Chapter 7. Extraction of Fire
Chapter 8. Provisioning
Chapter 9. Plant Survival
Chapter 10. Poisonous Plants
Chapter 11. Dangerous animals
Chapter 12. Field Weapons, Tools, and Equipment
Chapter 13. Desert Survival
Chapter 14. Survival in the Tropics
Chapter 15. Cold Weather Survival
Chapter 16. Marine Survival
Chapter 17. Water Crossings
Chapter 18. Field Orientation
Chapter 19. Signal Modes
Chapter 20. The Mechanism of Survival in Enemy Territory
Chapter 21. Disguise
Chapter 22. Contact with people
Chapter 23. Survival in the technological environment
Appendix A. Names
Appendix B. Edible and Medicinal Plants
Appendix C. Poisonous Plants
Appendix D. Dangerous insects and arachnids
Appendix E. Poisonous Snakes and Lizards
Appendix F. Dangerous fish and shellfish
Appendix G. Ropes and knots
Appendix H. Clouds – Weather Predictors
Appendix I. Algorithm of actions when deviating from the plan

* Not indicated.

FM 3-05.70: Survival Guide for the US Army

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