Foggy glasses

You can not have windows, glasses or any other optics. Correlate, where they occur certain inconveniences.

After all, what, in fact, is fogging? Due to the temperature difference. What kind of condensate? Did you study chemistry? Not? Passed by? That is in vain. It is composed of water vapor. Making them up for a small group of women.

Well, in the direction of the lyrics. Now let’s talk in detail.

Metal-plastic windows

It’s not a problem, it’s not a problem. It is an example of the easiest way to rub it out with a cloth, and all. But it is a mist over, especially where there is a kitchen. Since the windows have been condensed on them. Dew point will be “,” that’s all! She will be here. The condensate is not condensed.

In the case of condensate, it will significantly decrease. Algorithm of actions:

  • Regular airing is not necessary, but it also refreshes the air inside.
  • Efficient ventilation, especially in bathrooms and kitchens
  • It is often not the water that forms the cold.

Well, where is it? And you need it?

Now you can find appliances, called dehumidifiers. Very, I tell you a good thing. It is not necessary to note that it is possible to use it. cabinets).

For lovers of the classics, mix it up with 1 tablespoon of glycerin with 10 tablespoons of alcohol. It will reduce the amount of moisture and reduce it.

Car window

It is also true that it’s not a problem. Here are also rainy weather, a wonderful ballet of snowflakes, and, accordingly, a temperature drop. The “dew point” of the windows is quite naturally located on the window. I mean, after turning on the ignition. The windows is turned on the windows.

It turns out that the “younger” models, i.e. If you are an expert, you can’t get it? in this case, “autodoc”.

Well, you can’t remember it.

  • The treatment of car windows with defoggers, aerosols and wipes. It’s simply that it’s just a very small film. It can be used to clean the surface.
  • The old popular “anti-fogger” is the same solution of glycerin and alcohol in the proportion of 1:10. If you simply smear glycerin on the glass, you will get a little bold light effect with opaque highlights. Fu, kaka.
  • But this is the old-fashioned recipe: to wipe the glass with a rag soaked in a cool saline solution. The effect of condensate is the same as modern chemical means.
  • There are a lot of ways to get a lot of love for those “horses” with a special anti-fog film. It is a car repair shops.
  • Make sure you are less wet objects. Drain the racks in the cabin. Yes. Of course, you can definitely “sweat”. If you have a penguins in your relatives.
  • And experts advise less talk while driving. The air was exhausted during the conversation, and the air was exhausted.
  • But before the trip. Exhaled alcohol vapors are very hygroscopic, thanks to your skin. They will be able to stop this car.

Diving mask

They say that people have got out of the water. The living creature together. It may even be. At least, they’re losing, for as long as possible. Therefore, there is little water, including underwater masks. It is clear that it is made of glass. And the problem – it is still the same: fogging.

But there are ways to deal with troubles! Notepads prepared? Write down:

  • If you’re not a lot of fun, you’re on.
  • Processing glasses toothpaste. If you use a rubbed circular motions across the entire glass
  • It is lowered for several hours. Orchidly pounded and washed with water.
  • Mask treatment with baby shampoo. Specially selected formula doesn’t irritate the mask.
  • Special anti-fogs (for example, Mask Defog or Ultrastop). DRY mask clean !!! with your fingers. Rinse the mask with your hands. All you can wear.
  • It should be noted that it is the cause of the fogging. Further choose any acceptable method.


  • Do not press the lenses.
  • Do not use mint toothpaste – it irritates the mucous membranes

Optical instruments

Binoculars or optical sight. There are such?

This optics is very delicate, it cannot be cleaned with toothpastes. And it mists over the frost, even during breath holding. And there are moments when he was distracted by the rubbing with his microfiber.

It has been the Clarify Defogit. It was safe for women. Consumer promise of heat, cold, high humidity, high heat, cold, high humidity.

You can reduce stress and physical stress.

So, you be healthy to me!

How much

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