Folding diamond waste Eze-Lap, Edge Crafter, DMT for dressing and sharpening knives, axes, shovels and saws in the field.

Folding diamond waste is a very popular type of portable tool for sharpening or grinding the knife and tool in the field, that is, a steel rod about 10 cm long coated with diamond powder. As a rule, fine-grained enough for successful and efficient dressing and grinding of knife blades. 

Folding diamond waste Eze-Lap, Edge Crafter, DMT for dressing and sharpening knives, axes, shovels and saws in the field.

In the idle position, the core of the diamond debris is retracted into the tubular handle, which reliably protects the surrounding objects from unwanted contact with the abrasive work surface. In the working, extended position, the rod is fixed either with a sleeve on the thread, or with a collet clip like automatic pencils. The design is simple, reliable, versatile enough as it allows you to grind concave blades as well.

Effective enough, diamond abrasive, after all. It is quite comfortable to wear and safe enough when working thanks to a full-sized handle that provides a confident and reliable grip, although here when sharpening the blade does not exclude movement in the direction of the hand holding the device. A defect characteristic of all sharpening devices of this type is low sharpening accuracy. But to maintain a working sharp knife and ax in the field is quite enough. We will sweat a little with the shoulder blades, but it’s also good.

If this rod is made thinner, and in the form of a long cone, then we get a good device for sharpening and straightening tooth blades in the field. And such diamond musates also exist, with cones both coated with diamond powder and with aluminum-ceramic. So if someone really wants to take a knife with a serrated blade with him on a trip, then he will definitely not be left without a device for sharpening and editing. Well, whether he will have a rest at the halts or take a steam bath with the editing of his cool knife is his own choice. At least not get bored, and this in itself is worth something. I personally do not advise, but I do not impose my opinion on anyone by force.

Eze-Lap and Edge Crafter folding diamond waste.

Foldable diamond waste, top of Eze-Lap, bottom of Edge Crafter. They are coated with fine-grained diamond powder and allow you to quickly and easily grind the blade of a knife, ax, blade. Not too accurate, which is generally characteristic of abrasive devices in the form of a round shaft, but effective enough to maintain good working acuity in the field. Full-sized handles facilitate the work and make it more efficient, but also do not guarantee against the possibility of cuts, if you neglect caution. It is natural that with the help of an abrasive having the shape of a round bar of small diameter, it is possible to sharpen and grind not only straight and curved blades, but also concave.

Folding diamond waste Eze-Lap, Edge Crafter, DMT for dressing and sharpening knives, axes, shovels and saws in the field.

Eze-Lap’s Diamond Round Shaft is a round steel bar with a diameter of about 6 mm and a length of 90 mm, coated with diamond powder. The manufacturer does not provide accurate information about the degree of granularity either in the catalog or on the package. Comparing with other diamond abrasives, the granularity of which I know for sure, as well as the results of sharpening, I rate it approximately as grit 400-500, although I personally would prefer a slightly finer one, say 600-700. With a grain size of 400-500, not so much a straightening of the blade is already obtained, as its thorough grinding, the effectiveness of which all the more increases the small contact surface with the sharpened blade. But the accuracy of editing or sharpening for the same reason is noticeably reduced.

Considering that devices of this type are not intended for thorough sharpening, but only for straightening and grinding the blade, I would advise you not to abuse its use. Grinding the blade on it in a hurry and without the corresponding efforts or skills, it is easy to lead to a noticeable deformation of the cutting wedge and to achieve the results opposite.

The bar coated with diamond powder is fixed in a sleeve with an internal thread that is screwed onto the tubular handle either at one end, securely fastening the abrasive in the working position or the other, covering it inside the handle. Diamond musatas are sold complete with a leather case equipped with a harness for wearing on the belt. It’s very convenient, but a little heavy, the device itself weighs 85 g, and with a case, it’s all 100. And why wouldn’t they make the handle out of duralumin, and not out of brass? And it would be cheaper and easier, absolutely not at the expense of strength.

Folding diamond waste Eze-Lap, Edge Crafter, DMT for dressing and sharpening knives, axes, shovels and saws in the field.

Edge Crafter Diamond Rod Sharpener Model 412 has an aluminum alloy handle and therefore weigh less, 50 g. Bar length 95 mm, thickness 6.5 mm. Grit not filed in the catalog. By eye, I can evaluate it as 400-500, that is, too large for my taste. The bar has a longitudinal slit-like recess that will help sharpen point points.

It slides into the handle in the manner of a telescopic antenna and is held in position by a collet clip, such as an automatic pencil controlled by a union nut. Which, by the way, has to be twisted out of all my far from the weakest forces in order to reliably fix the abrasive in the handle. The manufacturer did not provide a cover for wearing on the belt. Replacing it with a steel spring clip, like those on fountain pens. Well, well, this is also a good decision..

Folding diamond waste Eze-Lap, Edge Crafter, DMT for dressing and sharpening knives, axes, shovels and saws in the field.

DMT Diamond Waste.

If you really want to edit and grind toothed or wavy blades in field conditions, then you will not be left without a tool at all. The folding, in the manner of a butterfly knife, DMT Diafold Serrated Knife Sharpener will help you with this. It comes in two versions: with a diamond abrasive cone, in the picture above or very fine-grained ceramic, in the picture below. In turn, a diamond can have one of three different grains. Coarse (coarse), fine (fine, pictured) or very fine (extra fine).

Coarse-grained, I advise you to leave at home and thoroughly grind toothed and wavy blades with it if necessary. On the other hand, ceramic for serrated blades seems to me pampering and the notorious art for art’s sake. If you take it with you on a trip, it’s small or very small, and even more so because if necessary, you can edit and grind ordinary blades on them. Knives, of course. Grinding axes, and especially blades, with such an instrument is already an advanced masochism. Something like mopping a toothbrush. The length of the abrasive cone is 112 mm, the diameter at the base is 6 mm, the weight of the device is only 35 g.

Folding diamond waste Eze-Lap, Edge Crafter, DMT for dressing and sharpening knives, axes, shovels and saws in the field.

Diamond Oval Shaft Sharpener Eze-Fold Series Eze-Lap.

Another portable device that allows, in addition to conventional blades, to grind and grind concave and even toothed ones, is the Oval Shaft Sharpener diamond waste from the Eze-Lap Eze-Fold series. Their abrasive is a hollow thin-walled steel profile of a lenticular section. Coated with fine diamond powder (600) or very fine (1200) grit. The length of the working surface is 100 mm, the width is 20 mm, the device weighs 50 g. Not too steep lateral bending of the surface provides a much more stable and confident contact of the abrasive with the sharpened blade than in the case of a round bar of small diameter.

Therefore, the sharpening and grinding of conventional and concave knife blades is more accurate. Although it requires a bit more time and effort. Theoretically, you can also grind the serrated blades using the side faces of the abrasive. It is possible, but whether you need it in the traveling conditions is up to you to decide. I have expressed my opinion on this subject in the book more than once. Moreover, working on such sharp edges of a diamond abrasive is a rather thankless task. May lead to very rapid baldness.

Folding diamond waste Eze-Lap, Edge Crafter, DMT for dressing and sharpening knives, axes, shovels and saws in the field.

As for the choice of grit, on very fine (marked in blue), you can perfectly edit the knives without allowing a noticeable blunting. If we are too lazy and miss the moment when the blade can no longer be fixed and need to be sharpened, we will more or less thoroughly regret that we did not choose fine-grained (marked in red). He is better suited for editing and grinding axes. And with the shoulder blades, a typical puncture is obtained, since both are too small to grind them. This tool is clearly not suitable for grinding the blades..

Excerpt from the book of Sergei Mitin How to sharpen knives.
Published with the consent of the author.

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