Folk omens for predicting the weather in animals and nature

The patterns of natural phenomena, identified as a result of many years of observation by our ancestors, eventually turned into folk omens. By the behavior of animals and birds, as well as other signs, it was possible to find out the nature of the weather in the near future or the season ahead. Numerous signs of nature prediction are plausible today. Knowing them, you can predict planting or harvesting, prepare for the impending bad weather, especially away from home and settlements.

  • Local weather prediction
  • 2 Prediction of weather by animals
  • 3 People’s weather predictions for plants
  • 4 Weather forecasting tools

Local weather prediction

Despite the fact that the climate and natural phenomena have changed over several decades, and, moreover, centuries, many national signs still help to reliably know the weather for the next hours, days, months. Local weather prediction is based on observations of natural phenomena, celestial bodies.

folk omens for weather predictionSo, clear, warm weather means the following signs:

  • Cumulus clouds
  • Gray morning sky
  • The dawn is golden in the evening, and the sky is clear.

In winter, harbingers of a clear day will be: blue morning sky, morning frost on the trees, fast-running clouds across the sky. Thick snow with large flakes also means it will get warmer soon. But the fine snow, low clouds in the afternoon, means a long cooling.

On bad weather, rainy weather indicate such signs:

weather predictions

  • A severe and snowy winter promises a rich harvest of nuts, but a small number of mushrooms in the forest. A large number of acorns and field sludge also portends a cold winter.
  • The winter will be warm, provided that a lot of sorrel has grown in the summer.
  • Observing what leaves will be in the trees will help determine what summer will be: if the first leaves appeared first on the birch and then on the alder, the summer will be dry and hot, and if vice versa, it will be cold and rainy. The same applies to oak – if it blossomed before ash, summer will be dry.
  • A large number of rowan promises rainy autumn, and a small – dry.
  • Forerunners of the oncoming rain are: increased odor emitted by honeysuckle, burdock opening of thorns, declination of violets to the ground, calendula unfolding of its rims, shriveling clover. The smell of many trees that produce tar, sap or nectar, is greatly enhanced before the rain.
  • The blooming maple can be judged on the onset of the warm season, which means that winter has receded.
  • According to the flowers and leaves of the water lily, you can guess the onset of frost or prolonged rain: in this case, the flowers and leaves do not rise from the water.
  • The onset of planting season has always been marked by the flowering of juniper in spring.
  • If the bird cherry blossomed, it is worthwhile to postpone the sowing campaign until warming.
  • The snowless winter is foreshadowed by the rapid autumn leaf fall. Summer will be short and rainy if birch exudes a lot of sap, and dandelions began to bloom in early spring. Oak, bird cherry blossoms to cold weather, frost. If the oak turns green before ash, short rains with cooling will begin, and if, on the contrary, prolonged heavy rains begin.

    Signs to determine the weather

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