Food harvesting: mushroom mycelium cultivation

Whatever the skeptics say, the creation of a fully autonomous economy is quite possible. It would be easy – take at least mushroom cultivation. He wants to bring out real fruits. Seriously, many issues can be solved only by trial and error. Of course, it will still help. But it can be taken as a basis.

As for farming, growing mycelium of mushrooms. It is clear that you’ll be able to do everything. Do not despair – skills come with time. But we digress. So, growing mycelium.

What do you need to know about mycelium?

If you’re more aware of what you’re talking about. The main role is assigned to the mycelium or mycelium. This is the main part of the fungus. It is responsible for the absorption of nutrients and the soil or substrate. It depends on the state of the mycelium, whether the mushrooms will grow or not. In some species, for example, it cannot exist without symbiosis with certain plant species. An example is a well-known brown bobbler. Yes, it is not possible for these reasons. Or suppose truffles, The most species of oak.

Fortunately, not all types of mushrooms are so demanding of their surroundings. The same Champignon, for example, they can grow absolutely anywhere. But, as practice shows, growing mushrooms at home also possible. Carefully handle the material.

The main function of the mycelium is pumping nutrients from the substrate. And this process is very active. Because of this mushroom blocks, which are used for growing mushrooms, will be exhausted. In this regard, it is necessary to create mycelium. This is the main difficulty. It is despite the fact. It means that grow mycelium outside the walls of the sterile laboratories is almost impossible.

The key word is “practically.” It is difficult, but possible. In short, you have two solutions mushroom cultivation. The first is to purchase ready mycelium in special laboratories or via the Internet. The advantages of this method are obvious. The advantages include a headache. By the concept of “autonomous economy”, it makes us dependent on external conditions. It should also be 40 percent of the mycelium is alive and efficient. The second way is self-growing mycelium. And here begins the most interesting.

For specific mycelium

The first rule is a mushroom grower. Exactly. Instruments, hands, substrate, room, place where it should not be carefully processed. Why? Because mold is also a mushroom. And the mushroom, oyster mushroom mycelium, let’s say

It is the most tasty piece. So tasty. Therefore, it is important that your skin does not loosen. If it works out – consider the matter in the hat. So, how to grow mycelium:

  • Grain is poured into the pan, filled with water and cooked for 30 minutes.
  • Boiled grain is dried in the cleanest room.
  • Dry grain is placed in sterile jars, which are tightly closed with plastic lids.
  • Re-sterilize the jars of grain.
  • Lay in the banks of the seed.
  • We are waiting for you.

If everything went well, then somewhere else, whitish fluffy flakes – our growing mycelium. Next, you need to wait for a few minutes. Just kind of like. That’s exactly what “like.” In fact, there is a number of subtleties, which can negate all the work.

Useful tips

As you must remember, it’s an antiseptic. Therefore, it is not a problem. In industrial laboratories, for example, growing mycelium use sterile gloves and clean bathrobes. Why not take it on board? But it will be important to us. In addition, every time you’re not afraid of that precaution. As for grain, there is no need for it. It is not a good idea to clean mold spores. You will need to dry naturally. As a result, we shouldn’t get a slightly wetland, which will be laid in banks. Sterilization of cans can be carried out as you like – boiling, steam, antiseptic solutions, whatever you need, but some air is still needed. After all, mushrooms for their development.

As for the seed, then there are plenty of options. There is a simple way to increase the amount of money you can use. Someone buys special wooden bars, impregnated with mycelium. It takes you a piece of mushroom mycelium cultivation. They are very effective experimentally.

Conditions mycelium cultivation should be at least stable. Regular humidity should not be maintained. If these principles are violated – the mycelium will grow much worse.

Possible difficulties in their theircece

Frankly, the problems are not so much. It can be reduced to two groups. mycelium cultivation. In the first case, it will be the most common form. Here is a simple way to get the jar cleaned. Similarly, the flies are brought in the substrate. As for the violation of conditions growing mushrooms at home, then everything is a little easier. It is restored. If, for example, Due to this mushroom mycelium it will be possible to ripen normally.

It can be seen as the first glance. But there you are.

Food harvesting: mushroom mycelium cultivation

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