Food in the forest: Tree bark

It is extremely difficult. You can always find any insects. There are no limits in principle. But the experienced survivor has a trump card up his sleeve – bark of trees.

Seriously, many herbivores tree bark and devour it. But we are smarter. This article will be about.

It is a scam that it is funny. According to this information, the bark of birch, linden, poplar, pine, aspen, maple, spruce and larch. In short, you can find something edible. But one problem – most of these plants are edible only in spring, when bark of trees actively conducts juices. At another time, the benefits of it are few. Fortunately, this is not typical for all the above plants.

But let’s start from the beginning. Tree bark consists of several layers. It is used for contact with the external environment. There is nothing there. Phloem or phloem, is used to carry nutrients from root to crown and back. We are interested in it, especially for evergreens. The third layer is growth or cambium. he is no longer interested in all the other layers.

This information was abbreviated by the indigenous population long before the concepts of “life” and “survival” were divided. Native Americans actively ate white eastern pine bark, at a time. There were even whole groves of trees, bare at the bottom. However, it’s not a problem. If there was nothing to eat, you can always migrate. Wild animals. But it’s not about that. The thing is that tree bark actively consumed.

This was done simply. With a sharp instrument, it was pressed to the side. As the rule, the third and fourth layers are easily separated. It was carefully selected from the The edible layer was. Alas, usually it is not even reach a half centimeter. So the question was solved by the total amount of treated wood.

Fried on a fire. Such a “Indian chips”. Pretty edible, even tasty, because this layer tree bark usually sweet to the taste. Someone recommends that you’ve not been able to make a difference.

Pine is good because it can be eaten all year round. The current of juices varies seasonally, but never disappears completely. For the same reason, you can eat bark of larch, thuja and ate. It is saturated with liquid. I used bark as a snack. And this is not a joke. This really has a practical meaning.

Moreover, you can safely eat young shoots some trees. It means that there is no problem for anybody to try to digest wood. It should be paid to pay attention to linden, juniper, willow and birch.

Since we have not seen any sago palms and baobabs since this miracle. Of course, there is a chance that there will be a chance. And there will be more information.

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